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3 x 33 Manifestation

How to use the 3 x 33 manifestation method to manifest anything you want. With a free journal that will take you step-by-step to make it happen.

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The 3×33 manifestation method can help you have, be, or do anything you want.

What is the 33×3 method?

The 333 manifestation method is one of the methods of manifestation.

Manifestation can potentially dramatically transform your life and speed up things that you want to achieve in life. These things could include health, wealth, happiness, love, and anything you desire. Manifestation not only improves the chances of getting what you want but also the speed at which you bring these things into your life.

According to the 3×33 method, you write down what you would like to manifest 33 times in one sitting and continue for 3 consecutive days. 333 manifesting only takes 3 days so it is perfect for beginners or those who want to manifest quickly and don’t have the patience to follow through for long before seeing results. This is the fastest manifestation technique. However, you have to make every thought count and be totally present and focused when manifesting.

333 Meaning

Why 33 3? What is the significance of 333?

In the book, “Numerology, Numbers and Their Influence”, the author, Rose Maree Templeton, explains that 3 is the number of the Trinity. It is symbolized by the triangle, which Pythagoras called the surface: The number 3 represents the Grand Triunion: in Christian terms, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; more generally, past, present, and future; spirit and matter, united by the mind. Number 3 is ruled by Jupiter. There are two distinct aspects to 3: creativity, positive good-humored expression, optimism; or serene connection to the world of nature.

Number 3 vibrates to the color of flame and gold so you might want to use these colors to write your manifestation affirmations.

In the book, Angel Numbers, by Kyle Gray, the author describes the meaning of 333: You are powerfully aligned with the Universe at this time. You are at a crucial point on your journey where you can go beyond all previous setbacks. So, if you tried to manifest before and it didn’t work then the 333 method might be what you need to succeed this time around.

How to do the 3×33 manifestation method?

If you are not sure how to do the 333 manifestation method, then you can download our free 33×3 manifestation journal which will take you through each of the stages (see below). These are the steps you need to take:

Print the manifestation template

369 Journal

Download and print our free 333 method manifestation template or journal. The template is typeable but it is much better to manifest on paper in your handwriting than to type. Writing in your handwriting is more powerful than typing.

The 333 manifesting template has space to create your affirmation and then write it in the morning, afternoon, and night.

The 33×3 manifestation journal includes additional sections to help you feel gratitude, love, and appreciation. The law of attraction works better when you are feeling positive and appreciative. Your energy will vibrate at a higher positive frequency. Therefore, it is better to use the full journal than the single template.

369 Journal

Decide what you want to manifest

First, decide exactly what you want to manifest. You can create a manifest list since the Universe has no limits and you can manifest anything. However, start with one thing you want to manifest. When you do this for the first time it is often better to start with a smaller request.

Make sure your desire is backed by inspiration and service. Think about what you desire and why you desire it. If your desire is shallow – if it’s about serving your ego, or backed by fear – this technique won’t work. If your desire inspires you or brings joy to you and others then it will manifest.

Create your affirmation

Write down manifestation affirmations that present your desire as if you have already received what you want to ask for. It should be up to two sentences and phrased in the present tense even though you have not yet received what you are asking for. It should also express emotion or gratitude. See examples of affirmation quotes below.

Use words that make you feel the sensations that you want to bring into your life. You want to feel exactly how you will be feeling when you get whatever you want to manifest.
Use the manifesting journal to write your daily affirmations. There are some guidelines on how to write affirmations but basically, they should be clear, positive sentences written in the present tense. They should include words that generate the feelings that you will feel when they manifest. Therefore, you have to believe them for them to work.

Write your affirmations 33 times a day for 3 days

You can do it any time during the day but you must complete it in one sitting since the power is in the repetition. You might be tempted to type the affirmation, however, when you write you are more focused and present and it will therefore be more powerful than if you type your affirmations.

Believe that the Universe will manifest your desire

Be confident that the Universe will make it happen. You cannot force your desire into the world, but you can help the Universe bring it into being. Always work toward your goal from a place of joy without stressing about the outcome, or worrying about whether or not it will manifest. Have faith in the Universe.

Don’t obsess about when the Universe will manifest your dreams. Instead, relax and have patience and faith that the Universe will deliver.

Give up the false idea that the Universe should work according to your agenda. Everything will unfold as it should. You might not see it now, but in time you will realize that your desire manifested at just the right time.

Keep writing affirmations for 3 days.

Why 3 days? See the meaning of 333 above.

Feel appreciation, gratitude, and emotion

When manifesting something or someone, it is very important to express gratitude and feel appreciation and emotion. The pre-made manifesting journal includes a gratitude list. Either add a few things you are grateful for each day or create the gratitude list on day one and read it each day.
Add a list of the things and people you love. This will help you feel love. The feeling of love is the highest frequency you can emit. The greater the love you feel and emit, the greater the power you are harnessing according to The Secret.

Be Consistent

Don’t forget to write your affirmations each day and try to stay present during all 33 times. It isn’t easy but it’s worth it! Be positive and feel the feelings and emotions as you write them.

Look for opportunities to manifest your dreams

Look for opportunities to go out and find ways to manifest your dreams. If you want to lose weight then sign up for a weight loss program and exercise classes. If you are looking for love, sign up for dating apps or ask your friends to introduce you to people. If you want more money then think of ways to make money, find a job or start a business. Don’t just sit back waiting for things to happen. Instead, work together with the Universe to turn all your dreams into reality. See our free goal planner to help you set and achieve your goals.

333 Manifestation Method Journal

This journal will take you through each step of the 333 manifestation technique and ensure that you don’t forget crucial parts of the manifestation method such as expressing gratitude and feeling love.

You start the 3 3 3 method by deciding what you want to manifest then you create your manifestation affirmation. There is a template each day for 3 days to repeat your affirmations 33 times a day. At the back of the journal, there are many exercises to enable you to express appreciation, joy, love, and gratitude. This shifts your energy and starts to shift your thinking and you start being grateful for what you have. This gratitude is the best way to bring more into your life. Before you start writing your daily affirmations complete the section at the back with your gratitude list, etc. Then each day, before you write your daily affirmations, skim the section at the back and read what you wrote. You can also add a few more items to each list each day. This will ensure that you never forget to express gratitude. As it states in The Secret, if you do only one thing to manifest something, then use gratitude as it is the most powerful force.

369 Journal

333 manifestation methodPin

369 Journal

We offer many more manifestation journal templates for other manifestation methods as well.

33×3 Manifestation Examples

The template above will take you through each step of the process but if you are looking for examples of 333 manifesting affirmations then you can see the following for ideas or inspiration:

If you want to:

  • find love: I am so in love with my perfect partner
  • get a new job: I am so excited to have received this good job offer
  • get someone to ask you out: I am excited to be going out with Matt soon (see how to manifest someone)
  • receive $100: I am so happy to receive $100
  • be healthy: I am so appreciative that I am healthy
  • lose weight: I am so happy to be motivated to eat well and exercise regularly
  • someone to call you: I am so excited that Simon called me
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