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30 Day Gratitude Challenge

Take this free 30 day gratitude challenge and you will experience greater happiness, improve your wellbeing, build stronger relationships, recharge your energy and boost your self-worth.

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This is a free printable 30-day gratitude challenge PDF with a gratitude journal prompt each day. There are also 17 pages with gratitude quotes. I made this gratitude challenge for myself right after I got divorced. I thought it would help me feel better by increasing the gratefulness in my life and developing an attitude of gratitude. If I had to define what this challenge did for me, it would be “life-changing”. As soon as I started feeling grateful, I became more positive and optimistic. I met someone really special and I don’t think it would have happened had I not changed my outlook. I love my life and had I not been keeping a gratitude journal I know that I would have missed a lot of positive things that I might not have noticed. I have always appreciated what I have, but I never put it in writing before. It is so much more powerful when you write it down. It is an entirely different experience. Please give it a try. You will be so grateful that you did!

If you are not sure this is for you, you can try using a single gratitude list or writing gratitude affirmations.

Download Gratitude Challenge

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Day 1 – List some people you are grateful for. Write what you appreciate about each person.

Day 2Pin

Day 2 – What are you good at doing?

Day 3Pin

Day 3 – In what way is your life better today than it was a year ago or ten years ago?

Day 4Pin

Day 4 – List some places you enjoyed visiting. Write what you liked about each place.

Day 5Pin

Day 5 – Write about one or more of your accomplishments no matter how small.

Day 6Pin

Day 6 – List things you love or things you appreciate or enjoy using.

Day 7Pin

Day 7 – What makes you special?

Day 8Pin

Day 8 – List the movies you enjoyed watching.

Day 9Pin

Day 9 – List the books you enjoyed reading.

Day 10Pin

Day 10 – What do you enjoy doing after work or as you get home?

Day 11Pin

Day 11 – List the TV shows you enjoyed watching.

Day 12Pin

Day 12 – Write about a nice thing somebody said to you or did for you.

Day 13Pin

Day 13 – Describe a difficulty that you have overcome.

Day 14Pin

Day 14 – What do you love about your home and/or country?

Day 15Pin

Day 15 – The activities that make me happy. I will try to do them more often by…

Day 16Pin

Day 16 – What is your favorite food?

Day 17Pin

Day 17 – Who do you enjoy spending time with?

Day 18Pin

Day 18 – Things I love about my life.

Day 19Pin

Day 19 – Do you have a family tradition that you enjoy?

Day 20Pin

Day 20 – Things I appreciate about family or friends.

Day 21Pin

Day 21 –  What relaxes you?

Day 22Pin

Day 22 – A special memory.

Day 23Pin

Day 23 – List the things that make your life better (don’t take anything for granted and include things such as running water, hot water, electricity, etc.).

Day 24Pin

Day 24 – Thank-you letter.

Day 25Pin

Day 25 – Describe one good thing that happened to you in the last month.

Day 26Pin

Day 26 – Describe one of your best days.

Day 27Pin

Day 27 – Describe your last vacation

Day 28Pin

Day 28 – Music I enjoy. This is a good opportunity to make an uplifting playlist.

Day 29Pin

Day 29 – Describe one of your best days.

Day 30Pin

Day 30 – What made you laugh?

Download Gratitude Challenge


  • You don’t have to print the entire booklet. If you want to do a 21-day gratitude challenge then print up to day 21 only. Enjoy 21 days of gratitude.
  • If you want to cut down on pages then don’t print the pages with the gratitude quotes.
  • You can also use the individual pages as gratitude worksheets and you don’t need to use the entire workbook.
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About the Author
Photo of NicoleNicole has practiced gratitude for over 30 years. She started her first gratitude list in high school over 30 years ago. Since it made her feel so good, she started adding entries about gratitude to her journals. Three years ago, after reading about the benefits of gratitude, she started keeping a daily gratitude journal (you can download that same journal for free on this site) and tries to never miss a day.
Gratitude makes her happier and more positive. We hope it does the same for you.

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