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777 Manifestation Technique

How to use the 777 manifestation method to manifest anything you want. With a free journal that will take you step-by-step to make it happen.

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The 777 manifestation technique can help you have, be, or do anything you want.

 What is the 777 manifestation technique? 

Manifestation is a power based on the law of attraction and positive thinking. According to the law of attraction, when we have positive thoughts about acquiring or accomplishing something then the power of those positive thoughts will bring the manifestation about. Therefore, if we have a particular desire in mind that we want to manifest, we need to think positively about acquiring or accomplishing it, as the power of those positive thoughts is what will bring the manifestation about.

Once we have created a manifest list and determined exactly what we need or want, there are many different manifestation methods such as visualizing, repeating affirmations daily, or using a writing manifestation technique such as this 777 manifestation method. The 777 method is one of the methods of manifestation. According to this method, you write down what you would like to manifest 7 times in the morning and 7 times in the evening for 7 consecutive days.

 777 Spiritual Meaning 

Angel number 777 is a sign that you have undergone a process of self-knowledge or spiritual development and are now putting that wisdom to use. You can now reap the benefits and find the path to your life purpose.

See angel number 777

 How to do the 777 method 

Before you start the manifestation process, you must know exactly what you want to manifest. Your manifest list could include people, dreams, or a vision you desire or want to manifest. These are the steps you need to take:

 Print the manifestation template 

You don’t need to know how to manifest with this template since it will guide you through each step.

369 Journal

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369 Journal

The number 7 vibrates to the colors of purple and steel grey so you might want to use a purple and/or grey pen to write your manifestation affirmations.

 Decide what you want to manifest 

First, decide exactly what you want to manifest. You can create a complete manifest list since the Universe has no limits and you can manifest anything. However, start with one thing you want to manifest. When you do this for the first time it is often better to start with a smaller request that you can focus on.

 Create your affirmation 

Write down one manifestation affirmation that presents your desire as if you have already received what you want to ask for. It should be up to two sentences and phrased in the present tense, even though you have not yet received what you are asking for. It should also express emotion or gratitude. For example, if you are asking the Universe for $1,000 then you can write “I am so excited to receive $1,000”.

The best way to manifest is when you appreciate what you have. Feeling appreciation for everything around you, both the good and the bad, keeps your energy vibrating at a high, positive frequency. Since the Universe returns the same energy you give off, including gratitude in your affirmation will help you attract more of what you want. For example, if you are looking for love, your affirmation could be “I am thankful for finding my soul mate and bringing love and happiness into my life”.

Use words that make you feel the sensations that you want to bring into your life. You want to feel exactly how you will be feeling when you get whatever you want to manifest. See manifestation affirmations and how to write affirmations

 Write your affirmations 7 times twice a day for 7 days 

Do this in the morning and the evening.

 Believe that the Universe will manifest your desire 

Be confident that the Universe will make it happen. You cannot force your desire into the world, but you can help the Universe bring it into being. Always work toward your goal from a place of joy without stressing about the outcome, or worrying about whether or not it will manifest. Have faith in the Universe.

 Be Consistent and keep writing the affirmation for 7 days. 

Consistency is key so don’t give up!

 Feel appreciation, gratitude, and emotion 

When you write your affirmations you should feel appreciation, gratitude, and emotion. The template that we provided for you has a section to add these elements so that you don’t forget.

 Look for opportunities to manifest your dreams 

Look for opportunities to go out and find ways to manifest your dreams. If you are looking for love, sign up for dating apps or ask your friends to introduce you to people. If you want more money then think of ways to make money, find a job, or start a business. Don’t just sit back waiting for things to happen. Instead, work together with the Universe to turn all your dreams into reality.

See our free goal planner that will help you set and achieve your goals. You might also want to keep a manifestation journal.
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