About the Author

About the Author

Nicole Bar-Dayan, LLB, MBA

Photo of NicolePinI’m Nicole, founder of 101Planners.

I am obsessed with numbers, budgets, and money-saving strategies.

I have always loved taking control of my finances, creating a budget, and tracking my spending and expenses. I’m a shopaholic so I like to be in control of my finances to ensure I never spend more than I can afford to.


I started creating budget spreadsheets when I was a student in an effort to stay out of debt despite working only part-time as a freelance graphic designer. My friends and fellow students used to use my budget spreadsheets and I always got excellent feedback from them. They always said that my budget templates made budgeting easy to understand and helped them stay on budget and save for their future. I started this website since my family and friends were always asking me to share my latest productivity and budgeting resources that I created. It was a great way to share resources with my friends and family. I was flattered that hundreds of thousands of people also accessed and used the website. It motivated me to create more and more resources to share.


I enjoyed working with numbers so much that after law school I went on to study finance and get an MBA.

About 101Planners

101Planners provides thousands of free tools and resources to boost your productivity, get you organized, reach your goals, reduce stress, and save you time and money. Our goal is to help you live your best life!

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