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Baby Shower Invitations

Free baby shower invitation maker to create baby shower invitations you can customize online and print at home. You can also download and send by email, WhatsApp or Facebook. Edit all text and change the background or border. There are many professional designs and templates available. Free DIY invites don’t need to look cheap! Start customizing your free printable baby shower invitations now!

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Once you’ve decided to throw a baby shower, you’ll need to start planning all of the details (see how to plan a baby shower). Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without your guests! You need to send out baby invitations at the right time to ensure your guests can attend. Send them too late, and everyone may not be able to request a babysitter or get time off; send them too early, and people might forget. So when should you send them?

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When To Send Baby Shower Invitations

You’ll typically host your baby shower around the seventh or eighth month of your pregnancy. This is an important time because you’ll be headed toward your third trimester, which means things like morning sickness or constant nausea should be reduced, allowing you to feel a bit better. While your bump may be huge at that point, you’ll still be able to enjoy your baby shower. If you wait too long, you might not feel comfortable having a party.

Once you’ve decided on the specific date, you’ll want to send your invitations out about a month and a half prior to your party date. This allows your guests time to find babysitters if necessary and buy gifts from your registry. Plus, it gives you enough time to budget, buy decorations, make food, and get an accurate guest count before your party.

Who To Invite To A Baby Shower

The old style of baby showers only included women at the celebration. However, a baby shower can be co-ed if you want it to be. If you prefer to go traditional and only invite women, that’s fine too. It would be best to do what feels right for you when deciding who to invite to your party.

The best people to invite to your baby shower include close family and friends who you’ve known for a long time. You can also choose to invite neighbors or co-workers who you want to be a part of your special celebration. You can keep it small by only inviting a few guests, or go big and invite everyone you know. It depends on your budget, venue size, and how many people you want to attend.

In the COVID-19 era, it’s not always possible to get everyone together in one room for your baby shower. Invite everyone, but offer Facetime or Zoom option for those who can’t make it in person but still want to be a part of the festivities.

 Sample Baby Shower Invitation Wording

  • A precious princess is going to be making her grand entry. Join us in showering her with love before she arrives.
  • We are tickled pink and happy to say a little sweet pea is on her way.
  • Oh boy, Oh boy! Help us shower our new baby boy with gifts and love.
  • A beautiful baby boy is about to join the –Last Name- pack! Please join us to celebrate our newest bundle of joy.
  • A special traveler is coming our way. Please help us celebrate this new little one’s adventure to earth.

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Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Select any baby shower invitation template and customize it online with our free invitation app.

You can either download it as an image and send it by email or WhatsApp. Or print on cardstock to make a baby shower invitation card.

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These are two samples of floral templates. You can use any of our 101 different floral borders if you want to change the border.

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These elephant baby shower invitations are available in blue or pink. The green templates are gender-neutral.

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This template has a cute bear.

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Baby Shower Invitations Boy

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Baby Shower Invitations Girl

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How to Make Virtual Baby Shower Invitations

With our free baby shower invitation maker you can make online baby shower invitations to send via email, WhatsApp, Facebook or any other method.

Click on the button above to open the invitation maker.

Customize the invites.

Click on the download button and select either jpg or png.

You can now send out your invites.

Digital invitations are totally free since you don’t even need to print them. However, you can still make cheap printed invites if you print them at home or at your local printer.

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