Border Design

We offer many different border designs on this site. You can select the design that best meets your needs. We offer cute borders and more formal borders. If there is a design you would like us to add to the selection then please leave a comment below.

Borders for Microsoft Word

You can use our border maker to create Word borders for Microsoft Word. First, open the border maker and download the border template of your choice as an image file (either jpg or png). To add the page border in Word, open the Word file and go to insert -> image. Insert the downloaded border file.

You can use any of our free page borders for Word documents using this method. However, simple page borders are “lighter” and will make the file lighter. Many people prefer to use pretty border designs even if it makes the file heavier. It really depends on your needs and how you will be distributing your Word document. If you are planning to print it then the file size is not relevant. If you are sending it by email then it might be more of a concern. However, you might want to use fancy borders even if it makes the file heavy.  If you would like us to add more Word border templates then please leave a comment below.

Uses for the Free Page Borders

You can create free borders for multiple purposes on this website.

Paper border – you can create DIY stationery paper with a border. The paper will be ready on demand. You can use a different paper border design for each page or you can print an entire stationery set with the same design.

Borders for posters – if you are making a DIY poster or flyer, you might find it helpful to use our borders to create your poster. Select the border design and click on “add text” to create your poster. You can also add images to it. If there are poster or flyer borders that you would like us to add to the selection then please leave a comment below.

Online page border – you do not need to download the border to your PC if you want to share it with someone. Click on the share button and a unique URL will be created for you. Share it will someone and they will be able to see your border and your customization online. Our free online printable page borders can be sent by WhatsApp or email.

Letter border – Add any page border design to your letters. It will upgrade them. For example, when you are creating Christmas thank you notes, add a Christmas letter border to the note and it will instantly look nicer and more professional than using a plain border with no design.

Stationery border – you can use the boarders to make your own stationery. You can also make monogrammed stationery. You can even create free printable stationery with lines and borders. Simply select a border and then add the lines.

Bordered printer paper – you can print a blank border and then insert it into the printer instead of blank paper. This is handy when you have a document you want to use as is and not to recreate with our border maker. You will need to ensure that the content fits inside the border. To save costs, you can text a sheet of paper first by marking the border lines on a test sheet on the draft setting. Free printable border paper can also be used when you want to use a black and white printer but you want your border to be colored.

How to Make Free Printable Borders

There are two ways to print our borders.

Print directly from the border maker by clicking on “print”. If you use this method then please make sure you check the print preview before you print. This works in most cases but sometimes you will need to make some changes to fit the border on a page.

Download the border to your PC and print it from there. This option will give you more control over the final output. Ensure that the printer is set to “fit on page”.

Border Size

The borders are US letter size (8.5” x 11”). You can resize them to A4 size or any other size via your printer’s settings.

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