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Cross Clipart

cross template

Cross template printable

Open Cross Template Maker

This cross template printable is available as an image or a PDF file. If you don’t find a printable cross template you like below then use our free online template maker below which offers many more cross designs.

Open Cross Template Maker

Cross Clipart Maker


A cross template or cross clipart can be useful for many different projects such as craft projects, school projects or to create cross stencils. We offer many cross templates that you can download in any color or in any size. The cross clipart can also be used on worksheets, brochures or when teaching about Christianity or Christian events and holidays.

How to download a template of a cross

  1. Click on the button above to open the template cross maker.
  2. Select any template for a cross. There are many cross shapes available. If you would like us to add more crosses clip art then please leave a comment below.
  3. To change the size, drag the clipart of the cross to the right (to enlarge) or to the left (to make it smaller).
  4. To change the color of the cross, click on the cross then select a color.
  5. To download, click on download. Select either png, jpg, SVG or PDF. If you want a transparent background, then select the cross clipart png format.

How to create cross clipart

You can download an cross image as is. You can also embelish it, change its color, add text, add images or make any changes you want to it.

When the design maker opens, you will see cross clipart black and white only. However, you can easily change the colors of the crosses.

You can also take the basic simple cross designs and create more unique designs.

How to create cross coloring pages

You can create a free printable cross coloring page in two ways:

Select a cross clip art template above. If you use a cross outline then it is pretty much ready to color in. However, you might want to add some text or a quote. In that case, click on the button above to open the clipart maker. To add text or a quote simply type the text you want to add and drag it to wherever you want it to appear.

For example, if you want to create a morning prayer or any other prayer, add the preyer to the page and then download it or print it.

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