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Heart Border

Select a heart border and click on it to open the free border maker. You can add heart border clipart, text and images before you download your custom heart border.

black and white design
brown and turquoise
pink and lavender
red hearts
heart border
heart borders
heart border clipart
hearts border
pink heart border
Free pink heart border
colored hearts
red frame with hearts in the corners
sewing pattern
pastel colored hearts
light brown hearts


Open Heart Border Maker

Heart Border Clipart

In addition to the heart borders above, you can also make a clipart heart border in any color with any background.

Here are some samples of the borders that you can make. The hearts can be in any color as can the background. In addition to plain colored backgrounds, you can also select textured backgrounds such as glitter or watercolor.

See heart clipart

Clipart heart border
Heart border clipart
Little hearts

Open Clipart Heart Border

What can these heart borders be used for?

You are free to use them for any purpose, but here are some ideas:

  • To make signs
  • Love letters
  • Greeting cards
  • Use them in your journal
  • You can add a planner to any of the borders
  • You can add a calendar to any of the borders
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