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Keep Calm

Keep calm maker

How to Make Keep Calm Wallpapers and Posters

  1. Open the keep calm maker.
  2. Select a background if you do not want to have a plain white background.
  3. Select a keep calm crown or use the sample crown.
  4. Edit the text. You can change the font if you don’t like the keep calm font or if you prefer any other font.
  5. You can also add an icon or image.

Open Keep Calm Maker

The following keep calm pictures are just samples of the wallpapers or posters that you can make. Since you can edit the text, change the background and the crown the possibilities are endless.

Keep calm maker
red background
Free printable
Gold and black
Blue and gold
Keep calm wallpapers
Keep calm and bake with a picture of a rolling pin
Keep calm and eat a cupcake with a picture of a cupcake
Keep calm and graduate
Keep calm and read with a picture of a book
Keep calm and go shopping
Poster with pink background

Open Keep Calm Maker

Keep Calm Quotes

You can edit the text and enter any Keep Calm quotes that you want. Open the keep calm generator and edit the text. Here are some ideas:

  • Keep calm and carry on
  • Keep calm and chive on
  • Keep calm its my birthday
  • Keep calm and love / love me / hug me | love yourself
  • Keep calm you got this
  • Keep calm and play tennis, squash, soccer, rugby, etc (add your sport).
  • Keep calm and…
    • feel good
    • dance
    • sing
    • love the life you live
    • call mom
    • dream big
    • have fun
    • eat ice cream | chocolate | brownies | cupcakes | pizza
    • drink coffee
    • drink tea

Keep Calm Wallpapers Maker

  1. Complete the steps above and customize your text, crown, and background.
  2. Download as an image file (png or jpg). Do not download the PDF version.

Keep Calm T-Shirts

You can make a t-shirt with your printable.

  1. Complete the steps above and customize your poster.
  2. Print the poster on an iron-on transfer. Set your printer to mirror image.
  3. Iron the iron on transfer on to a t-shirt as per the instructions.

Keep Calm Poster

  1. Complete the steps above and customize your poster.
  2. Print on US letter or on a larger size of paper.
  3. Download as a PDF or image file.

Open Keep Calm Maker

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