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Create a printable marble background with our free online app. You can also use the app to make a marble wallpaper for your computer, tablet or mobile phone. With our free online app, you can either select any of our ready-made templates or mix and match backgrounds and frames. We have a huge selection of marble backgrounds and frames.

If you don’t want a frame then simply delete it by clicking on the trash can.

White Marble Background & Wallpaper

Background with marble design

Black marble wallpaper

Black Marble Wallpaper & Background

Black marble background
Black and gold marble

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Pink Marble Background

White marble background
Pink marble wallpaper
Pink marble background

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Marble background IPhone

You can change the background color and the gold marble pattern. You can also change the color of the gold marble to any color you want.

Rose pink gold marble
Black and gold marble

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Marble pattern
Marble border
Pastel marble design

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