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Out to Lunch Sign

Free out to lunch sign printable. Since the text is editable, you can change the wording of any of the templates such as to create a “Closed for Lunch sign” or any other wording. You can add the time you will be away or the time you will be back. You can also add your logo or any image. Add additional text if you want to add more information such as when you will be back.

Out to lunch sign

An “At Lunch Sign” will let people know you are not in and when you will be returning.

Out to Lunch Sign Printable

The following printable signs have sample wording but you can edit all text so feel free to make changes. Click on the button below to edit the text and change the background.

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Out to Lunch Sign

Out to lunch
Keep calm I'm out to lunch

You can change the background color and the crown.

Printable sign
Printable sign
Printable sign for lunch break
Printable sign

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Closed for Lunch sign

Edit the text to add when you will be back by or delete that line.

Closed for lunch
Closed for lunch sign

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Lunch Break Sign

The following are “On Lunch Break Sign” printables but you can edit the text if you prefer.

lunch break
lunch break - back by 2pm

Lunch Time Sign

Lunch time
Lunch time 1pm-2pm

Gone to Lunch Sign

Gone to lunch
Gone to lunch

101 Different Borders

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This lunch time sign shows the time you will be back in the office. You can change the time.

Where should you hang the sign?

Lunch break sign for office

You can use the out to lunch sign for your office door so that people know you are not in. That way they won’t even have to knock to check if you are in.

Closed for lunch sign for stores

If you use it for a store then hang it on the inside of the door so that nobody takes it or it doesn’t blow away. If you are using it for a store that you close during lunchtime then select the closed for lunch sign. If you like a template with different wording then feel free to edit the wording. Try to add the time you will be back to let customers know when they can return.

Gone to lunch sign for cubicles

If you sit in a cubicle and don’t have an office door you can print the sign at half size and then fold it in half. Place the folded sign on your desk to let people know where you are.

How to make the at lunch sign?

You can print on cardstock or on regular printer paper and have the sign laminated. That way it will last much longer and it will be protected if it gets wet. If you want to add the time that you will be back then a laminated sign will be the easiest way to do it. You can use a wipeable marker and write the time each day. Every day you wipe off the time and change it if you need to. All text can be edited. If for example, you prefer to make an “On Lunch Sign” then simply edit the text.

The printable sign is a high-resolution file so that you can print it on large paper with a good quality finish. Therefore, the file is pretty big. When you are printing on a full-sized page, make sure you set your printer to fit on the page. That way, you will be able to print on standard paper (US letter size – 8.5″ x 11″).

Some of the images are in landscape orientation and some are in portrait. Please check that your printer is set to the correct setting before you print.

Out to Lunch Meaning

What does out to lunch mean? The out to lunch saying can be literarily out to lunch when you are on a lunch break. However, in slang, it means out of touch with reality.

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