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Striped Background

With our free online stripe generator you can create high res striped backgrounds in any color with many different designs. The stripes can be solid colors or textured such as glitter or watercolor.

Open Stripe Generator

striped backgrounds


Background with stripes
Pink stripes background
Striped vector
Striped background
Stripe generator

Open Stripe Generator

Black and gold
Blue stripes background
Free striped background
Stripes texture
Stripe pattern
Black and green

Open Stripe Generator

Blue striped background
Stripes pattern
Black and white striped background
Black striped background
Stripe generator
Stripe pattern

Open Stripe Generator

How to Create a Striped Background

  1. Open the stripe generator. See the button above to open.
  2. If you want your background to be a solid color then skip to the next stage. If not, select a background.
  3. Select any stripe pattern. There are many patterns available.
  4. If you want a black and white striped background then you can download your background. If you want a colored background then select colors in the next step. For example, to create a blue striped background click on the little black box and select any shade of blue. If you want a pink striped background then select pink. If you want the stripes and the background each in a different color then select one color for the background and another color for the stripes.
  5. Download or print your design.

You can also add text to your background

Background with monogram
Background with initial

Add any text such as monograms or initials.

Watercolor Stripes

Use the background maker to make watercolor stripes in any color. You can select the color of the stripes and the color of the background. There are two kinds of stripes: thick and thin.

watercolor stripes

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