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Watercolor Background

On this site, you will find free watercolor background designs that than be downloaded and printed. You can add your favorite quote, any text or just leave it blank. The backgrounds are high res to enable a good print quality.

watercolor backgrounds

There are three kinds of wallpaper backgrounds.

blue watercolor background

Plain Background

in Any Color


Flower Background

Many Designs


Many Patterns

in Any Color

If you are looking for images for your desktop or mobile phone screen then use our free online wallpaper maker.

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Watercolor Flower Background

wallpaper for phone

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wallpaper for iphone

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iphone wallpaper

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pretty flower wallpaper

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girls wallpaper in shades of pink with flowers

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 wallpaper for girls

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pretty floral wallpaper with flowers and hearts

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iphone 6 wallpaper

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Watercolor Borders

watercolor wallpaper for phone

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How to Make a Blue Watercolor Background?

  1. Open the watercolor background maker by clicking on the black button above.
  2. Select the “plain background” category.
  3. If you like any of the ready-made backgrounds there then select it. If not, select the black background since you can change the color.
  4. In column 2, you will find a little colored box next to “change color”. Click on this box and select any shade of blue (or any color you want).
  5. Your background is ready!
blue watercolor background
Free watercolor background
watercolor effect background

This process can be used for any color. For example, to make a pink watercolor background, you will simply select pink instead of blue.

How to Change the Color of the Patterns

You can change the color of the patterned backgrounds. To do so, follow the instructions above, but select a pattern instead of a plain background.

The color on some templates (such as the floral patterns) cannot be modified.

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