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Graduation Certificate template with a black and gold border
High school certificate
Borderless certificates
Ornate gold border on award certificate
Formal gold border
Fake high school diploma
personalized fake high school diploma
Semi formal certificate template
Diploma template
Gold and blue certificate template
Graduation Certificate with a black background
Black and gold fun certificate
Black borders on left and right side with an award ribbon in the top left corner
Diploma template with shades of blue
Background with shades of green
Certificate border with green and gold
High school diploma

Why Use Our Free Graduation Certificates

  • Free: Each graduation certificate template is free to create and download.
  • Tailor-Made for Graduations: Specifically designed to celebrate graduation milestones, each template caters to different educational achievements.
  • No Software Needed: Customize your graduation certificate directly online using our user-friendly app—no additional software required.
  • Fully Customizable Features: Effortlessly edit text, change borders, and swap award ribbons to match your specific needs and preferences.
  • Instant Download: Complete your customization and download your certificate instantly—no waiting necessary.
  • No Signup Required: Access our customization features without the hassle of creating an account, making the process quick and straightforward.
  • Ideal for Any Educational Level: Whether it’s high school, college, or any other educational accomplishment, find a template that fits perfectly.

Find the Perfect Certificate for Your Specific Purpose

To find the perfect certificate template that matches your specific needs on our website, you can easily use our tagging system designed to help you navigate through various purposes and styles. Here’s a simple guide on how to use this feature:

  1. Access the Filter: To the left of the graduation certificate templates, you will find a filter section labeled “Purpose”.
  2. Select Your Purpose: Click on the tag that best describes the purpose for which you need a certificate. Each tag corresponds to a specific use or occasion.
  3. Browse Relevant Templates: Once you select a tag, the page will automatically update to show the certificate templates that are most appropriate for this use. This makes it easy to browse through the most relevant options. The tags are merely suggestions to help guide your choice; feel free to explore other templates as well as there are no strict rules on how you must use them.

List of Purposes with Explanations:

  • School Graduation: Ideal for elementary, middle, and high school graduations, these certificates celebrate the completion of various educational stages.
  • School Awards: Recognize academic and extracurricular achievements of students within school settings.
  • University Diploma: For higher education completions, these formal certificates are awarded by colleges and universities.
  • University Awards: Acknowledges academic excellence, research achievements, or contributions to university life.
  • Professional Development: Used for various professional courses, workshops, or training programs to mark the completion and acquisition of new skills.
  • Online Courses: Perfect for those completing educational programs online. These certificates serve as proof of completion and achievement in a digital format.
  • Adult Education: Tailored for adults engaging in continued education or vocational training to advance their skills and qualifications.
  • Home Schooling: For families who homeschool, these certificates can mark significant educational milestones or graduations in a personalized way.
  • Workshop/Seminar Attendance: Ideal for participants of short-term workshops or seminars, serving as a testament to their participation and learning.
  • Award Recognition: Celebrate exceptional achievements and honors in various fields with these specially designed certificates.
  • Novelty Certificate: These are for fun or decorative purposes, often used as gifts or personal keepsakes.

By choosing the right tag, you’ll easily find a template that not only fits your requirements but also enhances the significance of the award or recognition being given.