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Chore Chart for Kids

Free chore charts for kids that will get your children to do their chores. Your life is about to get easier!

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Do you want your kids to participate in house chores? Not sure how to make it happen? A chore chart for kids is a great tool to get your children to do chores. It lists and tracks chores and motivates kids to get them done.

Chore Chart for Kids

The following kids chore charts can be made with our free online chore chart maker. You can choose the background, the chore list layout, and the clipart. There are free printable chore charts with pictures and with text only.

We also offer a chore chart with pictures for kids who can’t read yet.

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Chore Chart by Age

The advantage of a kids chore chart by age is that it includes age-appropriate chores.

How to Get Kids to Do Chores

There are some easy ways to get younger children to do their chores. You need to explain the chores to them and why they are important. You should look for things around the house that the child will be successful at completing. Kids often learn by example. Show them how to do the chores and then allow them to help you. You may need to show them a few times but eventually, children will understand the task and will be able to do it themselves.

You can allow your child to pick the order that they complete the chores. The chores are still getting done around the house but you are allowing the child to be part of the decision-making process when it comes to chores.

It’s possible that your kids might not be interested in doing the chores. It’s important to spark interest. Consider the following ideas:

  • Introduce a reward system in the house. Whoever participates in the house chores gets a reward. Use a chore chart to track the chores.
  • You can even print a poster for the family member of the month who had been the most helpful person that month. Doing so can help your kid stay motivated.
  • You can give treats to your kid when they do the assigned tasks. The treat doesn’t have to cost anything. For example, it can be extra screen time or going to sleep later one night or for one week.
  • You can give points to your kids and they can redeem the points from you. You can offer money, toys, a family outing, extra screen time, or maybe even candy.
  • Kids learn by observing. Create an environment in the house that’s focused on teamwork and completing the house chores.
  • Tell your kids that you need their help. Make them feel important. Let your kids know that their help matters a lot to you.
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