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Chores for 4 Year Olds

A list of age appropriate chores for 4 year olds with free printable chore chart templates

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Chore List for 4-Year-Old

What are appropriate chores for a 4-year-old?

The following list includes chores for four-year-olds but it is important to recognize that each child develops at a different pace and it is only meant to help you understand which chores are typical for 4-year-olds. However, not all kids will be capable of doing all of these chores. If not, adapt the chore list accordingly.

– empty wastebaskets in a room

– bring in the newspaper or mail

– water plants

– make their bed

– pull weeds in gardens

– dust and vacuum with a handheld device

– help prepare and set food on the table

– pick up their clothes

– carry light groceries

Chore Chart for 4-Year-Old

Each child develops at a different pace. Some kids might not be ready for some of these chores. If not, don’t push them. Check out our list of age-appropriate chores to find daily chores for kids that are more relevant.

This preschool chore chart has pictures so that your 4-year-old understands each chore on the list.

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Responsibility Chart

This responsibility chart lists a child’s daily responsibilities with an image next to each one since your four-year-old most probably cannot read yet.

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In addition to the chores that a child is required or asked to do at home, children have responsibilities for their basic hygiene and their own personal responsibilities. For a four-year-old, responsibilities could include making their bed, putting toys away when they have finished playing, putting their dirty plates in the dishwasher, etc. Since they cannot read, this responsibility chart includes pictures to help them understand what they need to do. Take a photo of each task and add it to the chart. For example, if you want to add “tidy your room” to the chart then take a photo of them tidying their room. If you don’t want to bother taking photos and personalizing the chart then use photos from the gallery.

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How to Create a Chore Chart with Pictures

  1. Click on the button above to open the chore chart app.
  2. Select a chore chart with pictures (there are two options).
  3. Change the border color if you prefer.
  4. Click on each image to upload a photo of your child doing that chore or use a chore picture.
  5. Edit the text.
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You can either add chore pictures from the gallery or you can add a photo or image from your computer.

If you want a chore chart for kids with text instead of chore pictures then select a version without pictures.

See chore chart and family chore chart

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