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Chores for 7 Year Olds

A list of age appropriate chores for 7 year olds with free printable chore chart templates

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Chore List for 7 Year Old

What are appropriate chores for a 7 year old?

The following list includes chores for seven-year-olds but it is important to recognize that each child develops at a different pace and it is only meant to help you understand which chores are typical for 7 year olds. However, not all kids will be capable of doing all of these chores. If not, adapt the chore list accordingly.

– put their toys away

– fill up a pet’s water or food dish

– put the clothes from the washer or dryer into the hamper

– dust surfaces

– arrange books and magazines in a pile

– make their bed

– give food and water to pets

– mop, sweep and vacuum

– fold laundry and put them away

– help prepare dinner

– give the family dog a walk

– bring the family dog outside to pee

– rake the yard

– put groceries in the fridge

– wipe the dinner table after a meal

Jobs for 7 Year Olds

Some people believe in paid chores and therefore are looking for work for 7-year-olds that they can get paid for. I personally believe in paid chores but I do think that kids should also have responsibilities and chores that they are not paid for. In my opinion, paid chores should be over and above what they should do each day. They should be able to choose paid chores and if they do them well then they get paid for them.

If you are looking for work for 7-year-olds then choose additional chores from the list above.

Chore Chart for 7 Year Old

Each child develops at a different pace. Some kids might not be ready for some of these chores. If not, don’t push them. Check out our list of age-appropriate chores to find daily chores for kids that are more relevant.

Customize & Print

How to Make a Chore Chart

1. Open the chore chart app by clicking on the button above.

2. Select any border. This is only a sample of the borders available and there are many more options.

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3. Select any chore chart layout. There are weekly and daily chore chart templates. The weekly chore list templates start from either a Sunday or a Monday. Some of the children’s chore charts track an allowance and some offer paid chores. Some have options for multiple children if you want to include siblings. Choose the chore list layout that works best for you.

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4. Edit the text.

5. Add clipart if you wish.

6. Download your printable chore chart. You can download it as an image or a PDF document.

Here are some sample chore charts made with the app. These are only samples and the possibilities are endless.

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See chore chart and family chore chart

Sample Chore Charts

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Customize & Print

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Customize & Print

See chore chart for kids

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