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Christmas Bingo

Free printable Christmas bingo cards that you can download and print instantly!

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This free Christmas bingo printable is a fun Christmas activity for the whole family. Either play with your kids or with your guests at a holiday party or anytime during the festive season. You can also use the bingo game in your classroom for a class party or a fun activity in December. There are 60 different bingo cards so you can play with up to 60 players. See more Christmas printables.

Christmas Bingo Printable

The free printable Christmas bingo game includes:

  • 60 bingo cards
  • One sheet of calling cards
  • One calling mat to keep track of the numbers called

Click on the image below to open the Christmas bingo PDF file.

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These holiday bingo cards have images and numbers on them.

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There are two versions of the free Christmas bingo printables:

Free bingo cards with:

  • a festive border and numbers from 1 to 40.
  • numbers and images related to Christmas (such as snowflakes, candy canes, penguins, Santas, Christmas trees, etc)

How to create Christmas bingo cards

  1. Select the version you want to use (with or without images) and download the free printable Christmas bingo cards, calling cards, and calling mats.
  2. Print your Christmas bingo sheets and cards on white paper. To create reusable cards, print on heavyweight or cardstock paper. If you are only going to use your bingo cards once then you can print on regular-weight printer paper. If you want to use your bingo cards year after year you can laminate them. If you are going to laminate them, then you don’t need heavyweight paper. They will be durable even if you use regular paper.
  3. Print the bingo markers. If you are only using the cards once then players can mark their cards with a pen or marker and you don’t need to print the bingo chips or markers. You can also use pieces of candy instead of bingo markers (and players can eat the candy at the end of the game).
  4.  Cut out the cards and bingo chips with a pair of scissors or a paper trimmer (if you have a paper trimmer it will be quicker and easier).

How to play Christmas bingo

Before you start playing, let the players know what pattern will be required to win the game. There are a few options. The two most common options are:

Straight line bingo

The first player to get all five numbers in a straight line (from one side of the card to the other) is the winner. The line can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. The straight line can include the middle square (which is blank) in which case the player would only need to fill four squares.

Blackout bingo or coverall

The first player to cover every number on the bingo card is the winner. This version will obviously take longer to play.

Bingo Christmas Rules

  1. Each player gets one printed bingo board which is randomly selected. Each bingo card has five columns of five squares each. Each square has a number or a number and an image (depending on the version you choose). The middle square is blank.
  2. The caller picks a number or image from a basket or box and announces it to the players. The caller should describe the image to prevent misunderstandings. For example, instead of saying “Santa Claus” announce the image as “Santa entering the chimney”. There are different versions of some images so it is important to describe them. Each image also has a number to prevent misunderstandings.
  3. If the player has that number or image on their bingo card, then they mark or cover it.
  4. The caller marks the image or number on the bingo mat.
  5. The object of the game is to cover a straight line or the entire board depending on the bingo rules you decide on before the game.
  6. When someone covers a line or the board (depending on the rules you chose) they call out “bingo”. The caller will then verify if the player has indeed won the game.
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