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Christmas Tree Coloring Pages

Free printable Christmas tree coloring pages you can customize before you print! Edit the text or add images with a click of your mouse.

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Coloring Pages Christmas Tree

The following Christmas coloring pages are all editable. You can delete or add images and you can edit or add text. All the coloring pages have Christmas trees. Click here for generic Christmas coloring pages.

Since the text is editable, you can create a coloring Christmas greeting card.

Customize the Coloring Pages

Customize the Coloring Pages

Christmas tree with a girl elf. This Christmas tree has an intricate design. If you prefer a blank tree for younger kids then replace the tree. Delete the tree in the template by clicking on it and then on the trash icon. Add a new tree.

Customize the Coloring Pages

Christmas tree with a boy elf

Customize the Coloring Pages

This is a blank Christmas tree outline. If you want to add decorations, click on the button below to open the coloring pages maker. Go to the Christmas decorations category (in the middle column) and click on the decorations to add them to the coloring page.

Type the recipient’s name or delete the text (dear [name]).

Customize the Coloring Pages

This coloring sheet has a blank Christmas Tree outline with a snowman. It has snowflakes in the background. You can add more images (such as more snowmen or snowflakes) or you can delete elements.

Don’t forget to add the name of the person who will be coloring the page (from [name]). You can delete that text if you prefer (click on the trash icon).

Customize the Coloring Pages

This Christmas tree has lots of decorations, candy canes, and gift boxes. You can add a picture of Santa or kids if you prefer.

Customize the Coloring Pages

This is a cute Christmas tree with two gifts. At the bottom, it reads “Merry Christmas”. You can edit the text. You can also add more images if you prefer.

Customize the Coloring Pages

This coloring page reads “Santa, please stop here”. It has a picture of a girl and a boy. You can change the images to two boys, two girls, or any other combination you want. You can also edit the text.

Customize the Coloring Pages

How to Use the Christmas Tree Coloring Pages Maker

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  1. Click on the button above to open the Christmas tree coloring page maker.
  2. Select a coloring page template.
  3. Click on edit text (above the coloring page on the top right) if you want to edit the text. If you are creating Christmas cards then add a greeting to your page.
  4. In the middle column, you will find many Christmas-themed images. To add additional line images click on the image you want to add (in the middle column).
  5. Download the coloring page and then print it. You can download it as an image or a PDF file.
  6. Color the picture with colored pencils, markers, crayons, or even watercolor paints.
  7. You can also decorate it with glitter glue.

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Christmas Tree Silhouette

If you want only a blank Christmas tree silhouette on the page, then select any of the Christmas tree silhouettes. You can also add elements to the silhouette of a Christmas tree such as text or other silhouettes.

Customize the Coloring Pages

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