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Cootie Catcher Template

Free printable cootie catcher template that you can type on. Instant download with no registration required.

Cootie Catcher Template

Tic-tac-toe, tag, rock paper scissors, cootie catcher; these games are a whole lot of fun to play. I’m pretty sure you have fond memories from your childhood that at times keep you reminiscing, and maybe you still play these games today. Or, if you’re still young, I know you at least find the time to play amidst the tumult of internet technology and smartphones. If not, then you should. Among these games, the cootie catcher game is one of the oldest, dating back to the 17th century. People first played it in Europe before propagating it to the United States and other continents. Anyway, enough with the history. How exactly do you make a cootie catcher and a fortune teller, and how do you play it?

How to fold a cootie catcher step by step

How to Make a Cootie Catcher

The cootie catcher is a simple model made from paper, with a simple technique. Well, not hardcore skills but a few basics of chronological folds, and you’re good! You can either make it from scratch with a blank piece of paper or you can use our free printable and editable cootie catcher template printables.

Here are the steps to follow to start from scratch. If you use the printable template then you can still follow the instructions on how to fold a cootie catcher.


• A pair of scissors,
• A perfectly square or rectangular piece of paper,
• Crayons or colored pencils and,
• A whole lot of fortune teller ideas!

Cootie Catcher Instructions

Step 1: Get a smooth, clean piece of paper that’s perfectly square. Lay it flat on a table, floor, or any flat surface. If it’s rectangular, place it on a table, hold any corner and fold it while aligning the edge with another. Make sure it forms a triangular shape.

Step 2: Cut out the excess paper falling out of the triangular shape so that you remain with a perfect square after unfolding it.

Step 3: After unfolding the paper, you’ll notice a creasing line cutting diagonally. Take one opposite corner and fold the paper to form another creasing line, such that it results in an X shape.

Step 4: Take each of the four corners and fold them towards the center of the square. Ensure their tips touch the point where the two creases cross.

Step 5: Flip the paper over and repeat the previous step with all the corners. Ensure the tips touch the center where the two creases cross.

Step 6: Grab one side of the paper and fold it in half. Repeat this with the opposite side.

Step 7: With both hands, insert your thumbs in pointing fingers inside the four pockets, such that you can pinch and pull the model. And there you have it, your cootie catcher!

Cootie Catcher Template

With our free printable cootie catcher template, you don’t have to bother writing anything. You can edit all text before you print (depending on the format you choose). The cootie catcher printable is available in 4 different formats: Powerpoint, Word, PDF, or as an image. Select the format that you find easiest to work with.

How to Make an Origami Fortune Teller

Once you have a blank cootie catcher game you might want to turn it into a paper fortune teller.

I. On the cootie catcher’s outside, write four numbers; alternate odd with even numbers. Conversely, on the inside, write eight different colors using different crayon colors.

II. For example, you can write the word blue with a blue crayon or the word red with a red crayon.

III. Underneath, write the fortunes or challenges. Not sure what to write on a cootie catcher? See the cootie catcher fortune ideas below.

Origami Fortune Teller Ideas

• Good news will come to you soon.
• The gods will bless you.
• Welcome change.
• Someone loves you.
• You will buy a car.
• You will go to Paris.
• You will triumph.
• The exams will be straightforward for you.
• You will be an amazing dad.

You can include any of the paper fortune teller ideas above or you can make up your own.

How to Play the Origami Fortune Teller

Once you have created your printable fortune teller game, you need someone to play with. You can play this game with anyone of any age such as your sibling, a friend, or a grandparent. Start by putting your index fingers and thumbs in the fortune teller’s four pockets. Ask the person to pick a number.

If, for instance, they pick a six, alternate pulling and pinching six times. Suppose they choose a four, and repeat by pinching and pulling four times.

Afterward, they’ll land a color. Spell out that color while simultaneously pulling and pinching.

Finally, ask them to pick another color and open the fortune teller to reveal what fortune awaits them!

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