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Easter Bunny Letter and Notes

Free editable Easter Bunny Letter and Notes that you can personalize before you print. Your kids will be surprised and delighted! 

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The Easter Bunny is a universal holiday figure that’s fun for the whole family. Whether you believe in him or not, it always feels good to be included in her special day!

Whether it’s writing an Easter Bunny letter or note, giving out treats to kids and their families, or hiding Easter eggs in the most creative spots, be sure to enjoy the spirit of Easter and all the good things it brings to you and your family.

Is the Easter Bunny real?

For the longest time now, we have known the Easter Bunny as an adorable mysterious bunny figure that brings joy to children during the Easter Season. The Chocolate, stale marshmallows, and other special fillers do a great job of bringing young ones’ imagination to life. Some people are still wondering, is the easter bunny real?

If you are a kid, you might not want to stick around since this article is too long for you to read. Maybe it would be a great idea to exit this article so that you can go ahead and enjoy your egg hunt as you eat some chocolate. You can always trust your parents to tell you the truth about the existence of the Easter Bunny and whether you can catch her. In the meantime, there are lots of jelly beans, chocolates, marshmallows, and more to enjoy.

If you’re a parent, you’ll want to continue reading for obvious reasons.

So, how about we get to the real deal?

When Easter is right around the corner, there’s one thing that will always be on everyone’s minds…

The eggs! The chocolate! The fillers! And the Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny is the one who hides eggs around your yard for you to find. He or she delivers them by being a magical, flying bunny that can pass through windows and doors. It’s not just any rabbit though. The Easter Bunny has unique features that make it an ultimate Easter icon. For one, each year, the Easter Bunny takes on a new persona, and it’s never quite the same.

Whether it’s your brother in his bunny suit or the neighbor who dresses up as a giant bunny for you and your friends every year, these creatures are one of a kind.

We have seen them hide eggs for us…

Now we’ll see if they’re real.

You see, while the Easter Bunny is a unique figure to many households, it’s no secret that there are people out there who oppose this idea of an imaginary rabbit bringing eggs and joy to their children during the Easter Season.

Those who doubt its existence are, for sure, not alone. After all, if you wanted to talk about the Easter Bunny being real, you would have to consider the possibility that it’s not.

Does this mean that there is no such thing as an Easter Bunny? Not necessarily. It just means that we have seen a lot of things in this world and can’t prove the existence of everything yet.

The Easter bunny might exist, but it’s possible that we just can’t prove or disprove its existence. With that said, you know that, as a parent, the answer to whether the Easter Bunny is real or not is quite complicated as opposed to being a simple yes or no.

In one sense, you could say that the Easter Bunny is real. That’s in consideration that someone does, indeed, pick Easter candies hide them in a loving way inside the house and yard, and also fill a basket that contains Easter grass (which has to be cleaned up when it’s strewn all over the place).

While we all know that the creature who hides all that candy is you as opposed to being a giant bunny who likes satisfying kids’ sweet tooth, shouldn’t it count?

Of course, however, the technical and less touchy-feely answer to our question today is a simple no. The Easter Bunny, who is the most widely known symbol of Easter, is simply a mythical figure from folklore.

Even though we all know the truth, as a parent you will want to go with the touchy-feely answer when the question comes up. Keep in mind, however, that you can only hide the truth for so long.

As long as your kid is not old enough to know the truth, you can always convince them that you believe in the Easter Bunny as much as they do.

What does the Easter Bunny look like?

Well, as mentioned earlier, the Easter Bunny changes its appearance every year.

If you were to make a list of all the different types of Easter Bunnies that exist out there, it would be very hard to tell them apart since they’re so similar…and white.

Easter Bunnies simply look like giant white bunnies. Most bunnies are white because this color is associated with purity and innocence.

If you’re a parent, you’ll want to be the one who decides which look your kids end up getting every year. The Easter Bunny that lives in your house is no different even though it doesn’t have any fur since silky fabric always ends up being more comfortable than wool!

The Easter Bunny and all that surrounds this mythical creature are used to represent new life and fertility.

Where does the Easter Bunny live?

Even though the exact address of the Easter Bunny remains a mystery, most people think that she lives on Easter Island in an underground burrow.

The remote island that is located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean is also home to the Easter Bunny helpers, who are magical creatures that assist the Easter Bunny.

Where did the Easter Bunny come from?

The Easter Bunny idea came originated from German Lutherans in the 16th -17th century. The Germans immigrants in Pennsylvania had a tradition of an egg-laying hare named Osterhase, sometimes spelled “Oschter Haws”, that would lay colorful eggs for the good kids.

The kids would create nests for the hare to lay eggs in, and there were times when they would leave carrots in the nests just in case the hare got hungry.

The custom eventually spread across America and eventually became a widespread Easter Tradition. Over time, Easter Bunny’s delivery expanded to include treats like toys chocolate, and marshmallow.

Where is the Easter Bunny?

A lot of children are disappointed when they have to spend the first Easter Sunday without finding or seeing the Easter Bunny.

But, there’s no need to worry. You can simply tell your child that the Easter Bunny has to travel a lot, but she really wants them to have a great time this Easter.

The Easter Bunny will probably be out there somewhere, but you can make the process of finding her much easier by creating hiding spots for her.

One of the best places to hide the Easter Bunny is in your living room or dining room table! This way, you can make sure she’ll be sitting at your table when the kids arrive.

You can also hide her in places that have a lot of candy, like under your bed.

Sometimes, the Easter Bunny is hard to find because she is too busy hiding eggs for the little ones! However, if your child decides that they don’t want to look for the Easter Bunny anymore, you can always tell them that she’s been there waiting for a long time.

For older children, you can explain that the Easter Bunny has to do some traveling and she will be spending time delivering eggs. Or, if your child is too young to understand that, you can tell them that she might not be there because the Easter Bunny doesn’t have a lot of time.

Nonetheless, you can always make some extra time for the Easter Bunny by laying her eggs on the day before Easter Sunday or even weeks ahead of time so that it will be easier for her to deliver the eggs to your children.

How old is the Easter Bunny?

According to scientists, the Easter Bunny was born sometime between 1515 and 1615. That would mean that she is aged somewhere between 406 and 506 years.

While the real age of the Easter Bunny is simply an assumption, you can give your children an age range that will make it easier for them to understand.

Of course, a lot of people would say that the Easter Bunny is immortal because she lives for centuries!

How to catch the Easter Bunny

There are quite a number of ways to catch the Easter Bunny, even though none of them seems to ever work.

You could leave carrots on a plate for her, and she might just be curious enough to come to take a bite or two or you could dig a hole and cover it with a rug, hoping that the bunny might fall inside a get trapped.

Since the Easter Bunny is fast and she likes burrowing too, these two traps won’t work for her. Catching the Easter Bunny is probably not that easy since she’s swift and smart.

The easiest way to come real close to the Easter Bunny is to wait for her to come to you. Of course, this will only work if the Easter Bunny likes you enough that she might want to visit you.

If your child is still disappointed that they didn’t get a chance to catch the Easter Bunny, then just tell them that she’s been busy visiting everyone else and that there’s no need for them to worry because she’ll visit them later.

What does the Easter Bunny have to do with Jesus?

There is no direct connection between the Easter Bunny and Jesus. But, what is abundantly clear is that the beauty of Easter lies in celebrating resurrection and renewal which are both very much embedded in the biblical account of Christ’s death and resurrection.

The Easter eggs are supposed to represent Jesus’ resurrection. The reason behind the decorating of the eggs emanates from the Lent Season in Christianity. Since eggs were forbidden traditionally during the Lent season, people chose to decorate them before the end of the fasting period, so that they would eat them during Easter Sunday celebrations.

Why is there an Easter Bunny?

The Easter Bunny story came to life somewhere in the 19th century. The Easter Bunny lays eggs, which are supposed to be a symbol of new life.

The importance of the Easter Bunny to your young one is to help them understand the importance of Easter. It is also to have fun and enjoy the time spent with your kids.

The Easter Bunny can also be a symbol of purity and innocence. The bunny also teaches children a couple of lessons such as stealing is wrong. This is because the Easter Bunny works hard to collect eggs and deliver them to children so that they can celebrate Easter.

Is the Easter Bunny a boy or a girl?

The Easter Bunny is a girl. You can convince your kids that the Easter Bunny is female since she lays eggs. But that does not mean that there are no kids who will stick to the Easter Bunny being male.

All that matters to you is being able to assure your young one that the gender of the bunny is not of that much importance, as long as the bunny brings joy and excitement.

When does the Easter Bunny come?

The Easter Bunny is supposed to come before Easter Sunday or on Easter Sunday morning. Typically, the Easter Bunny hides eggs on Easter Saturday night, so that the children can find them when they wake up the following day.

Why are bunnies associated with Easter?

Bunnies are associated with Easter because, in most parts of the world, rabbits are known for energetic breeding, hence they are the perfect symbol for fertility. Since the Easter Bunny lays eggs, the Easter significance is rebirth and fertility.

How did the Easter Bunny come about?

As mentioned earlier, the Easter Bunny idea came from German Immigrants in Pennslyvania, who transformed the German tradition of Osterhase. Osterhase was a rabbit character who laid colorful eggs for kids who were good.

The German custom, after spreading in the majority of the United States, was finally accepted as tradition, such that the Easter Bunny became a part of Easter celebrations in the U.S., Canada, and Australia among other countries.

Why does the Easter Bunny bring eggs?

Easter eggs are usually a symbol of new life. They are typically a representation of Jesus’ resurrection and emergence from the tomb.

Free Easter Bunny Printables

An Easter Bunny printable letter or note is a great way of letting your kids know how much you love them, and just how special they are to you.

You can either write an Easter Bunny message on our free Easter bunny printable paper or you can edit and print out a letter template below. The letter is available in Word format so you can edit it before you print it. The Easter Bunny note can also be a great way of teaching your young one the value of reading.

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Easter Bunny Letter Template

Select a free printable Easter bunny letter template below and edit the text.

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Sample Easter Bunny Note to Child

Create a note from the Easter bunny to your child. There are five notes per page. If you want a large note then use the letter template above.

Here are a few sample Easter Bunny messages to kids:

Sample note 1:


This is just a quick note to say thank you for the lovely carrot that you left me – it was very yummy!

Huggies and kisses,
The Easter Bunny.


Sample note 2:

Hippity Hop!

I came to your room when you were fast asleep just to deliver this letter and your Easter Basket. There are lots of surprises in the basket that you can share with your friends. Enjoy, and may Easter fun never end!

The Easter Bunny.


Sample Easter Bunny Letters

Easter Bunny letters are typically longer than Easter Bunny notes. Here are a few sample Easter Bunny letters to children:

Sample letter 1:

Hi !

I was hopping around town today and wanted to send you a letter, to say how proud I am of you! You have been a very good boy/girl this year, and you deserve to be praised. I know you will only get better as time goes by.

I know how you love chocolate bunnies, so I made a special Easter Bunny for you! Make sure you take good care of him/her. Bye for now! I love you!

Best Easter Wishes!

Your little friend,

The Easter Bunny


Sample letter 2:

Dear [child’s name],

It’s me, the Easter Bunny! I can’t hide my excitement that Easter is almost here. I was so excited, I spent the entire day hiding eggs around town!

I hid some eggs in your room too because a little birdie told me you’ve been extra good this year. I also left you some goodies so that you can enjoy Easter even more.

Even though I was quite busy and was not able to say Hi this time, I’ll try to do so when I come to visit next. Continue being a good kid till then.

Best Easter Wishes!

The Easter Bunny


Child’s letter to the Easter Bunny

You can encourage your young one to write an Easter Bunny letter to the Easter Bunny as well. Here is a sample letter written by a child:


Dear Ms. Easter bunny,

How are you? I hope you are happy. Happy Easter. Today my mum made chocolate cake and it was good. After lunch, we went to my grandmother’s house.

We all had an easter egg hunt in the garden and we found a lot of eggs. I liked mine best because there was a toy bunny in it.

I do not know why you have so many jobs. I think it would be fun to bring Easter eggs but I am glad my dad does not have to do that job.


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