Emergency Contact Form

This free printable emergency contact form can be edited with Word if you want to make any changes. If not, you can use the fillable PDF or the image version.

Each emergency contact form template is available in three different formats: Word, PDF or as an image.

Emergency contact details

Word | Fillable PDF | Image

The version asks for the relationship to the contact people (the previous versions do not).

Emergency template

Word | Fillable PDF | Image

This version asks for medical insurance details (the previous versions do not)

Emergency Contact template

Word | Fillable PDF | Image

This version requires a signature (the previous versions do not). However, you can add a signature to any of the versions above if you select the Word format.

Why do you need an employee emergency contact form?

It is important to have an emergency contact template for employees so that if an emergency occurs, the right person can be contacted as soon as possible. All employees should fill out their emergency contact details in case of emergencies. A medical emergency cannot be predicted, and it is better to be prepared for anything.

This form should ideally include all the information that an employee will need in order to reach out to someone they trust, like their spouse, child, or parent. The form should include at least the name and phone number of this contact person as well as a brief description of their relationship with the employee (optional).

Some of the contact forms have medical information as well such as insurance details, etc.

Can you edit the emergency contact sheet?

Yes. If you want to make changes then download the Word version. For example, if you want to make a simple emergency contact form with only one contact person then simply delete the second contact person. If you select the Word version then you can make any change you want to make. If you want to make a daycare emergency contact form then select any of the templates that do not mention employees.

Yes. If you want to add a company logo then select the Word version.

  1. Go to insert.
  2. Select images.
  3. Select the file with your logo on it on your PC.

Where should you store your emergency contact list?

Since the information included in the contact sheet might be confidential (such as medical issues), these contact sheets should be stored in a secure location.

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