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Free Editable Calendar Templates

Hourly | Daily | Weekly | Monthly | Yearly | Perpetual Calendar

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Monthly Calendars

January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November | December

Printable Calendars

Print either a blank monthly calendar template or add any border and planner inserts.

Blank undated calendar

Blank Calendar


Yearly Calendars


Undated calendar

Undated Calendar

Digital Calendars

We offer a selection of free digital planners and calendars.
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Digital planner

Weekly Calendars

blank weekly calendar

Blank Weekly Calendar

(Word, Editable PDF, Excel, PNG)

Daily Calendars

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Add any border and planner inserts

Hourly Calendars

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Use our planner maker and add any background and any combination of planner inserts.

monthly plannerPin   Word, Excel, Editable PDF or image file

Hourly | Daily | Weekly | Monthly | Yearly |

Blank | Start the Week on Sunday or Monday

Daily or Monthly Photo Calendars

Word | Editable PDF | PDF | Excel | PNG | JPEG

Bullet Journal Calendar

We also offer specific calendars such as a bill payment calendar, birthday calendar, budget calendar, etc.


What format are the calendar templates available in?

blank calendarPinEach blank calendar template can be printed in 3 different formats: Word, PDF, or an image. You can then edit and/or print them. If you want a plain blank calendar with no design then select any of the printable calendars that can be downloaded in Microsoft Word format or as an editable PDF. When you create a printable with the free editable calendar maker you can download it as a PDF, SVG, PNG or jpg image.

Do you have a countdown calendar?

We offer the following countdown calendars: Generic Printable Countdown Calendar | Birthday Countdown | Christmas Countdown | Easter Countdown | Halloween Countdown |

How do you use the calendar maker?

With our free calendar maker, you can make a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly calendar. You can choose any background and add-ins for the calendar. In addition to a calendar, you can add planner sections, doodles, images, etc. You can also make calendars for all planner sizes such as Happy Planners and others.

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Select a Template

There are 101 free editable calendar template designs.

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Customize Online

Use our free online calendar maker to customize the calendar.

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Print at Home

Download the calendar and print it at home.

How to make a 2024 calendar template?

You can create a free monthly calendar for each month of the year. The following description will explain step-by-step how to make a printable monthly calendar 2024 with any border. The same method can be used to create a yearly calendar 2024 template. Click here to open the calendar maker. Click on “select calendar”. Stage 2Pin You can then either choose a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly calendar. Assuming you want to print a monthly calendar, select monthly. Select if you want the week to start on a Sunday or a Monday. Select the month you want and click on it to insert it into the monthly calendar template. Repeat this process for each month of the year. To change the border, click on the back arrow until you see “Select border”. Select any border.

How to make an online fillable calendar 2024?

You can create a free fill-in calendar on this site. There are two ways to make a calendar you can edit:

  1. A Word calendar: You can download one of our Word calendar templates. This is a type-in calendar, but you cannot add the icons and change the dates like you can with the second method below. You will also need Microsoft Word or Google Docs to edit the calendar.
  2. Calendar you can type on: You can use our calendar maker to create a writable calendar. This method is preferred since you can not only make a typeable calendar, but you can also add fun icons and images to mark special dates.

I need a calendar that I didn’t find on the site.

There are many more calendars on this site so please look around and the chances are you will find what you are looking for. If not, please leave a comment, and we will try to make it for you.

How to make a mom calendar?

You can use our fill-in calendar template to create a mom calendar. There are a few ways to mark activities for kids:

  1. Color code the activities and use a different color for each child. To do this, click on “add text.” Drag the text to wherever you want it to appear. Click on the little black box to change the text color. Use a different color for each child.
  2. Upload a photo of each child. Click on “add photo.”
  3. Write your child’s name next to the activity or the date. Click on “add text” to do this.
  4. You might also want to try our planner printables.

Have a problem or did something not work?

Please leave a comment or click on “Feedback and Suggestion” on the bottom left-hand corner and we will try to help. If you mark “Receive Updates,” then we will get back to you with a response.

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    • Hi Leslie,
      Go to Planner Sizes and select the “classic” size for either US letter or A4 paper.
      Select your background/border.
      Then go to “planner inserts” and select a calendar – we have an undated calendar, daily, weekly or yearly calendar. You can also make one of each!

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