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Fundraising Thermometer

Free fundraising thermometer that updates automatically. It is easy to use and no software is required.

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Our free fundraising thermometer will show you where you stand with your fundraising goals at any stage. It is a great visual tool to show your campaign’s success. All you need to do is to enter your goal and the thermometer colors itself automatically each time you add money to the donation tracker.

If you use the Google Sheets fundraiser thermometer, then donors can add their donations to the spreadsheet and see the thermometer update instantly. You can then follow up with donors to collect their donations.

There are two versions: one with the donors’ names for donor recognition and one without names. Use the version that best meets your needs.

Download the fundraiser thermometer

Version with Donor Details


Version without Donor Details


You can create fundraising thermometers in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. If you want to share them easily, then use Google Sheets.

How to use the fundraiser thermometer

  1. Download the fundraising thermometer template.
  2. Open the thermometer fundraiser file. You can open it in Excel or Google Sheets.
  3. Add your fundraising goal in the Green box.
  4. Each time you raise more money add the total to the fundraising goal tracker section. The thermometer will automatically color itself. The total raised and percentage of the goal reached will also update automatically. If you use Google Sheets, then people can add their donations to the sheet and see it update immediately. Share it on social media during your campaign to keep your followers updated on your progress.

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To make a fundraising thermometer more effective, engage your potential donors with regular updates and storytelling. As your fundraiser progresses, share stories about how the contributions are making a difference. Highlight specific goals reached and what these milestones mean for your project or cause. This not only keeps donors informed and connected to the cause but also builds momentum and encourages further contributions. Incorporating visuals, like photos or videos, alongside your thermometer can also enhance its impact by providing a tangible connection to the progress being made.

How to create an image of the fundraising thermometer

Once you have created the fundraising goal tracker with your goals and progress, you might want to make a copy of the thermometer image. These instructions will help you if you are not sure how to create it.

  1. Open the goal chart in Excel and click on the View tab.
  2. If “Gridlines” is selected then unselect it. That will remove the gridlines around the thermometer image.
  3. Click on print screen to make a screenshot of your page.
  4. If you don’t have any graphic software, then paste the image into a Powerpoint file.  Right-click on your mouse and paste.
  5. Click on the image.
  6. Right-click on your mouse.
  7. Select Crop.
  8. Crop the image.
  9. Right-click on the image and select “Save as Picture”.

Where to use the fundraising goal tracker

This free tool can be used by nonprofits, companies, or organizations to track progress made toward a fundraising campaign.

  1. Share it on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc).
  2. Add it to email campaigns. Don’t forget to add a donate button to your newsletter to make it easy for your subscribers to donate. In each email, send an updated version of the donation thermometer.
  3. Add it to a poster or flyer.
  4. Add your organization’s logo to the file.
  5. Add it to your website. If you add it to your website, then please give this site credit somewhere on the page.

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