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Girlfriend Application

Here is a cute girlfriend application that you can type on (typeable PDF version) or print and fill out (image version). You can edit the with MS Word or Google Docs.

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Girlfriend Application Form

Funny GF Application

This GF application form is funny and less serious. Give it to a potential partner with a sense of humor.

Typable PDF | Word

Official GF Application

This is a more serious and official girlfriend application form.

Typable PDF | Word

Use the typeable PDF to create an online application form instead of printing it.

This form includes basic information, contact information, education and employment, questions to get to know the person, past relationships, and a section for photographs.

If you want to edit the application form, then select the Microsoft Word version. You can also open it and edit it with Google Docs.

Things you might want to edit or add to the girlfriend application form template:

  • A list of deal-breakers such as:
    • Are you currently or have you ever been a man?
    • Do you eventually want kids?
    • Have you ever been convicted?
    • Do you use any illegal substances?
    • Do you smoke?
    • Do you have a source of income?

The deal breakers will change from person to person and they include the things you don’t want to compromise on. This can save you time instead of dating a potential boyfriend only to find out later that it won’t work long-term.

  • Ask the candidate for their description of their idea of a perfect date
  • Natural hair color vs current hair color
  • Favorite musical genres
  • Favorite movie or best three movies
  • Favorite sport (how long do you spend watching this sport?)
  • What was the reason for your last breakup?
  • Religious affiliation (this might even be a deal breaker for you)
  • Facebook profile
  • Nickname/s
  • Adjectives you would use to describe yourself

Add things that bothered you about previous boyfriends to ensure you don’t fall for the same type again.

Add a warning about what will happen if the candidate gives false information.

If you want to create a wife application then use the Microsoft Word version and edit the title accordingly.

If you are looking for a girlfriend then now is a good time to ask yourself What are you looking for in a relationship?

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