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Grabovoi Codes

How to use Grabovoi Codes for manifestation with a list of the codes you will need

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Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided on this page regarding Grabovoi Codes is intended for educational and informational purposes only. Grabovoi Codes are part of a belief system developed by Grigori Grabovoi and are considered alternative spiritual and healing practices. These practices and the claims associated with them have not been validated by scientific research and are not recognized by conventional medicine or psychology as effective treatments for health, financial, or personal issues.

The use of Grabovoi Codes should not be seen as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or health concerns. Also, always seek the guidance of a qualified professional with any questions you may have regarding weight loss, or finances. Reliance on any information provided by this page is solely at your own risk.

The views and opinions expressed on this page regarding Grabovoi Codes do not necessarily reflect those of 101 Planners or its affiliates. The publication of this content does not constitute an endorsement of these practices. Readers are encouraged to critically assess the information provided and consider the lack of scientific backing for these practices.

101 Planners does not guarantee the efficacy, reliability, or accuracy of the techniques and practices discussed. Readers are advised to approach this content with an open mind and a critical eye, and to make informed decisions regarding their health and well-being.

What are the Grabovoi Codes or Grabovoi Numbers?

Grabovoi codes (also known as Grabovoi Numbers) are specific number sequences. These sequences are not just random numbers. Each of the numbers has a meaning and a purpose according to the Russian mathematician, healer, and psychic Grigori Grabovoi. The numerical sequences are a string of numbers that are said to have the power to change circumstances, situations, and health for those who use them consistently and correctly. The Grigori Grabovoi codes became a popular trend after they went viral on Tiktok and other social media.

Who Invented the Codes?

The Grabovoi codes list was invented by Grigori Grabovoi, a Russian mathematician. Some think he’s a brilliant fraud and others suggest that he is the second coming of Jesus – healer, martyr, and miracle worker. He was born in 1963 in Kazakhstan, although his family is of Ukrainian heritage. His educational background is in mathematics and mechanics and in 1986 he graduated from Tashkent State Polytechnic University in applied mathematics and mechanics.

After graduation, he put his expertise to work for Uzbekistan Airlines. The company was attempting to make the aircraft safer because it was responsible for the safety of the President of the Republic and other members of the government who were regular passengers.

(He was later sent to prison for defrauding people see here)

How did he come up with the numbers?

Grabovoi based his numbers on the concept of the radionic theory developed by an American physician named Albert Abrams. Abrams developed a machine called an Electromagnetic Therapy (EMT) machine using radio waves to detect and heal illnesses (source).

Electromagnet therapy radiation is a form of alternative medicine. Abrams wrote two books describing electromagnetic therapy (EMT) in 1909 and 1910. His assertion was that since all life forms share common ground through the electromagnetic field of the earth, we are all connected in some way.  Therefore, electromagnet radiation (EMR), which are basically radio waves, can be sent into the body to determine the cause of the ailment. The term for this remarkable healing method was also called Radionics. Albert Abrams’ contribution was the idea that each ailment has a particular frequency that could be identified and cured by way of radionics (source).

Back to Mr. Grabovoi. In his book “Restoring the Human Body by Focusing on Numbers” Grabovoi indicates that “every disease of an individual is a deviation from the normal cells, organs or the whole organism. The treatment of the disease then means a return to the norm.” Coincidentally Mr. Grabovoi uses Radionic signatures to pinpoint health issues, sickness, financial worries, and other ailments in order to determine the correct sequence of numbers to be repeated. (source).

Is it pseudoscience or does it actually work? Although it has been determined to be pseudoscience (source), many people say that repeating the Grabovoi number sequence and following the process helped them.

Grabovoi Codes List

Please note that the spaces between the numerical sequence are intentional here and specific to the process. See the Grabovoi numbers pdf below.

Grabovoi codes list for manifestation


  • Self-love – 396815
  • Manifest love – 888 412 1289018
  • Bring lover back – 3856794
  • Romance – 973594066
  • Love soulmate – 973594066


  • Unexpected Money – 520 741 8
  • Abundant cash flow – 318 612 518 714
  • Manifest money – 9798733714615
  • Financial freedom – 3657745
  • Find a Job – 93151 864 1491
  • Attract Customers – 419 488 71
  • Professional Recognition – 914 481
  • Financial Abundance – 318 798
  • Achieve Goals – 894 719 7848
  • Increase Sales – 541 213 819 48
  • Prosperity – 714 273 218 93
  • Turning Time into Money – 414 818 88

There are more Gravodi codes for money but these are the most common ones.

Weight Loss

  • Weight loss – 4812412
  • Weight loss without diet – 5343168

General Codes

  • Cancel negativity – 47 481 321 48
  • Have good luck – 817219738
  • Dream job – 493151 864 1491
  • Self-esteem – 517 489717 841
  • Good grades – 89941503
  • Fame – 8277237
  • Academic success – 960745288
  • Peace – 1001105010
  • Luck – 2017133
  • Boost self-esteem – 4818951749814
  • Charisma – 491718594817
  • Determination – 498518498
  • Protection – 9187756981818

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The Grabovoi numbers list above is a very partial list. There are many more Grabovoi Numbers.

Grabovoi Codes list PDF

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PDF | Image

Create posters for manifestationPin

To create a poster with your manifest code

Edit Online101 Borders

  1. Click on the button above to open the poster maker.
  2. Select a poster template. You can change the number sequence and the border. For example, if you want to manifest unexpected money then select the template with the following number sequence: 5207418. You can then change the border. You can also select another template and change the number sequence to 5207418.
  3. Select a border.
  4. If you want to change the number sequence, then copy the manifest code you want to use and paste it in the text box (on the right).
  5. Download the PDF.
  6. Print.

How to Use the Numbers to Manifest

Some people refer to the numbers as cheat codes of the Universe that can be used to heal or manifest your desires according to the law of attraction. The process for invoking the numbers to heal, help, or manifest is quite similar to hypnosis. The most important part is to focus on the manifest number sequence with concentration. If you can memorize them, that is best, if not then write them down on a piece of paper to keep close by for reference. Repetition of the sequence out loud and focus while reciting the numbers is the key to opening your manifestation portal.

  1. Selection: Choose a specific Grabovoi number sequence related to your desire.
  2. Creating a Focused Environment: Find a time and place where you will not be disturbed. In time you will develop the ability to focus deeply and ignore distractions but this takes time.
  3. Cultivating Gratitude: Start by acknowledging and feeling thankful for the blessings in your life. Reflect on what you are grateful for, focusing on both the significant and the mundane. This practice shifts your mindset towards abundance and appreciation. This sets a positive energy and aligns your intention with your desire. See 356 things to be grateful for.
  4. Concentration and Visualization: Focus intently on the chosen sequence. Visualize the numbers in dynamic, engaging ways—imagine them glowing with energy, moving in space around you, or transforming into the reality you wish to manifest. This creative engagement boosts the manifestation process.
  5. Repetition and Integration: Regularly repeat the sequence throughout your day. Integrate this practice into daily rituals, such as morning affirmations or meditation sessions. This repetition reinforces your intent and keeps your focus sharp. You’ll want to ‘hear’ yourself say each number in your mind or aloud. Repeat the whole sequence of numbers at least 3 or 4 times, 5 or 6 is better. Be specific about each number’s grouping, and don’t mix requests. The numbers without spaces should be said without a pause between numbers. For those with spaces between numbers, a short pause, three seconds or so, will suffice. Then repeat that number again. Lastly, write yourself a script that is the same or similar for every code. For example: “At this moment I am attracting the abundance of cash coming into my checking account and into my life and I am activating the code (insert numbers here). Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” After saying one code several times you can add another code for a different challenge. Use the codes wherever possible. You can also use the code you are trying to activate as your password. For example, if you want to manifest unexpected money, then change your bank password or any other password related to money to 5207418. Create posters with the code and hang them in your home and office. See below.
  6. Documenting and Reflecting: Keep a journal of your experiences, noting any changes or signs that your manifestation is unfolding. Reflecting on your journey can enhance your understanding and appreciation of the process.
  7. Expanding and Experimenting: As you become more adept, experiment with combining sequences for broader goals or incorporating them into other manifestation techniques. Explore the synergies between numbers and your personal energy work.
  8. Taking Action: Beyond visualization and intention, incorporate actionable steps that align with your goals. For instance, if you’re using a code for financial abundance, also explore opportunities for improving your financial literacy or creating new income sources. Action reinforces intention, creating a powerful synergy that can amplify your manifestations. This proactive approach ensures you’re not just wishing for change but actively participating in the realization of your dreams.

How to use 5207418 to manifest unexpected money

  • Focus your intention: Take a moment to set a clear intention regarding the manifestation of unexpected money. You can do this through visualization, affirmations, or simply stating your intention out loud. Focus on the positive outcome you desire and hold that intention in your mind when you see the number.
  • Practice gratitude and abundance mindset: Cultivate a mindset of gratitude and abundance. Express gratitude for the resources and blessings you already have in your life. This positive mindset can help attract more abundance and align your energy with the manifestation of unexpected money.
  • Take inspired action: While focusing on the number 5207418 and its associated meaning, take practical steps towards inviting financial opportunities into your life. This could involve exploring new income streams, seeking out potential investment opportunities, or pursuing avenues that could lead to unexpected financial gains.
  • Repeat the number 5207418: There are different ways to repeat this number. For example, as mentioned above you can change your bank password or any other password related to money to 5207418. You can create posters with the code and hang them in your home and office, or you can use the journal below which was specifically created for 5207418 in order to activate the code in writing.
  • Trust the process: Trust that the universe, or whatever higher power you believe in, is working in your favor. Stay open and receptive to the possibilities that may come your way. Let go of attachment to the outcome and have faith that things will unfold in the right timing and in alignment with your highest good.

See how to manifest money.

Does it work?

The effectiveness of 5207418 or any other Grabovoi Code for manifestation or any other purpose, is a subject of personal belief and experiences. While some individuals claim to have positive results and experiences using Grabovoi Codes, it’s important to approach these practices with an open mind and exercise your own discernment.

Grigori Grabovoi, the creator of the Grabovoi Codes, developed his system based on his own spiritual and metaphysical beliefs. He asserted that the numerical sequences have the power to influence and transform various aspects of life, including health, relationships, and abundance. However, it’s worth noting that the scientific community does not endorse or recognize the validity of Grabovoi Codes or similar methodologies as a proven means of healing or manifestation. Skeptics argue that any perceived positive outcomes from using these codes may be attributed to the placebo effect or other psychological factors.

The placebo effect is a phenomenon where a person experiences a perceived improvement in their condition or outcome due to their belief in the treatment or intervention, even if the treatment itself has no inherent therapeutic value. When it comes to manifesting money or any desired outcome, the placebo effect can be understood in terms of the power of belief and mindset.

This means that even if the code does not actually work it can still produce the desired effect and you can still manifest money or anything else. How does this happen?

  • Belief and expectation: Believing in the possibility of manifesting money can create a positive expectation and mindset. When you genuinely believe that you can attract financial abundance, you may become more open and receptive to opportunities and possibilities that align with that belief.
  • Altered perception and focus: Believing in the manifestation of money can alter your perception and focus. It may help you recognize and seize opportunities that you might have otherwise overlooked. By shifting your mindset, you become more attuned to financial possibilities and take actions aligned with that intention.
  • Confidence and motivation: Believing in the power of 5207418 can boost your confidence and motivation. When you have a positive belief that you can attract financial abundance, you may feel more empowered to take risks, pursue new opportunities, or work towards your financial goals with greater determination and persistence.

It’s important to note that while the placebo effect can have a significant impact on one’s mindset and perception, it does not guarantee external changes or outcomes. Manifesting money or any desired outcome requires more than just belief—it typically involves taking practical actions, making informed decisions, and utilizing skills and resources to create tangible results. Therefore, it is crucial to combine it with practical strategies and efforts to increase the likelihood of achieving your financial goals.

If you are interested in exploring Grabovoi Codes or any other alternative practices, it’s essential to approach them with an open mind, but also maintain a healthy level of skepticism. It can be helpful to combine these practices with more conventional and evidence-based approaches for achieving your desired outcomes. Don’t forget to trust your intuition, conduct thorough research, and consult with professionals or practitioners who have expertise in this specific methodology if you choose to explore it further.

My Personal Experience

In my personal journey with Grabovoi numbers, I experienced success in achieving my goals, though it’s difficult to attribute this solely to the use of the codes. I integrated them into a broader manifestation effort that included taking concrete actions towards my desires. While the codes may have played a role, I believe that action is the cornerstone of any successful manifestation. Consider Grabovoi numbers as complementary tools—layers of support that may enhance your efforts. They are worth trying as part of a holistic approach to achieving your goals, offering potential benefits without detracting from the importance of proactive steps. Remember, actions are primary; everything else adds value and potential leverage.

How to Activate Grabovoi Codes in Writing

You can also use this Grabovoi codes journal to activate a number sequence.

Grabovoi codes plannerPin


Typeable PDF3 Pages

This journal is specifically for code 5207418 to manifest unexpected money.


Typeable PDF2Pages

Are Grabovoi Codes the Same as Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are patterns or sequences of numbers that we see repeatedly. They appear anywhere and everywhere. Clocks (3:33), purchase receipts ($4.44), days on a calendar (11/11). According to numerology, the study of numbers as they relate to personality, these sequential numbers are meaningful and have been sent to us by Angels who are trying to send us a message.

Anytime you see recurring sequential numbers your angels are trying to send you a message. We offer a free online angel number meaning quiz to help you interpret the message your angels are sending you. See angel number meanings.

Angel numbers differ from Grabovoi numbers in that you are receiving affirmations through angel numbers, whereas Grabovoi numbers are making you open to receiving whatever it is you wish to change.

Do these Codes Work?

I do think that these Grabovoi cheat codes can work. I don’t think that they have any magical powers. However, they do provide optimism and that has a lot of power. Researchers from Boston University’s School of Medicine, the National Center for PTSD at VA Boston Healthcare System, and Harvard University’s T. H. Chan School of Public Health did a study that found that optimism and hope can help people live longer (source).

If you want to print the list of numbers then see the Grigory Grabovoi number codes PDF above.

See Grabovoi codes list how to use above.

Start experimenting with Grabovoi codes today and unlock the potential for transformation in your life. Share your journey and progress with us in the comments below.

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