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Hebrew Calendar

Free printable Hebrew calendar. This is a Hebrew English calendar and the dates appear in both English and Hebrew (transliterated).

If you want a calendar with the Jewish holidays in English only then see the Jewish Calendar.

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Printable Hebrew Calendar

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Hebrew Months

If you would like a version in English only with no Hebrew then see the Jewish calendar.


What is a Hebrew calendar?

The Hebrew calendar determines the dates of the Jewish holidays, the Torah portions, Jewish memorial dates, etc. Although it is the official calendar of the state of Israel it is mainly used by religious Jews for religious observance. Since Jewish holidays are determined by the Hebrew calendar, nonreligious/secular Jews also use it to determine the dates of holidays even if they use the Gregorian calendar on a day-to-day basis.

A Hebrew calendar is also called a Jewish calendar. It is a lunisolar calendar and is about 11 days shorter than the solar year. Therefore, an additional month is added every 2-3 years to balance the difference between the lunar year of 12 lunar months and the solar year.

What is the first month of the Hebrew calendar?


How many months are in the Hebrew calendar?

There are 12 Hebrew calendar months in a regular year and 13 months in a leap year.

What are the Hebrew months?

The 12 Hebrew months are: Tishri (תשרי), Heshvan (חשוון), Kislev (כסלו), Tevet (טבת), Shevat (שבט), Adar (אדר), Nisan (ניסן), Iyar (אייר), Sivan (סיוון), Tammuz (תמוז), Av (אב), and Elul (אלול). In a leap year, there are 13 months and Adar is replaced by Adar I (called Adar Aleph or אדר א) and Adar II (called Adar Bet or אדר ב).

What year is it in the Hebrew calendar?

5784 (תשפ”ד) – The eve of the 15th of September 2023 until the 2nd of October 2024

5785 (תשפ”ה) – The eve of the 2nd of October 2024 until the 22nd of October 2025

The printable calendar can help you work out what Jewish year it is in any given month.

When did the Hebrew calendar start?

The starting point of Hebrew chronology is the year 3761 BC. This is the date that the world was created according to the Old Testament.

What are the Hebrew days of the week?

The Hebrew days of the week are the day number within the week except for the seventh day of the week which is the Sabbath day (Shabbat).

The Hebrew days of the week are usually written with the numerical value of the Hebrew letters.

Hebrew Transliteration Abbreviated Meaning
Sunday יום ראשון Yom Rishon יום א׳ first day
Monday יום שני Yom Sheni יום ב׳ second day
Tuesday יום שלישי Yom Shlishi יום ג׳ third day
Wednesday יום רביעי Yom Reviʻi יום ד׳ fourth day
Thursday יום חמישי Yom Hamishi יום ה׳ fifth day
Friday יום שישי Yom Shishi יום ו׳ sixth day
Saturday יום שבת Yom Shabbat שבת Shabbath (day of rest)

What formats are available?

The Hebrew calendar download is available as an image, Word file, or an editable PDF document.

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