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Itinerary Template

Free customizable travel itinerary template to help you organize the trip of your dreams with minimum effort. We also offer a free itinerary creator that will generate the perfect trip for you to any place taking into account your budget, number of people, length of your trip and most important of all the activities that you enjoy!

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Travel Itinerary Template | Wedding Itinerary

Create a Printable / Downloadable Template  Create a personalized itinerary for any country

Travel Itinerary Template

The vacation itinerary template is available in many different versions both in color and black and white. All the itineraries are available to download as an image, Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or a typeable PDF file.

This travel itinerary template has a list of places to visit but no car rental.

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Business Trip

This itinerary template has a section for a car rental.


Typeable PDF


Spreadsheet (Excel)

This version includes a rental car and foods to try.

This version includes: a list of places to visit, with car rental, foods to try, and a shopping list.

This version includes a list of places to visit, with car rental, foods to try, a shopping list, and a daily itinerary.

This version includes a list of places to visit, with NO car rental, and foods to try.

This version includes a list of places to visit, NO car rental, foods to try, a shopping list, and a daily itinerary.

This itinerary template has a list of places to visit, NO car rental, foods to try, and a shopping list.

Travel Budget

Our free travel budget template will help you plan your travel budget. You can download the vacation budget template as an Excel document. You can open this document with Google Sheets as well.

The spreadsheet will automatically calculate your total budget for you and save you a lot of work.

If your budget is too high, you can play around with the different sections until you reach a travel budget you are comfortable with.

The trip budget template is easy to edit, so if you have additional costs such as visa, passport photos, etc then simply add more lines.

Excel Spreadsheet

See also the vacation budget planner below.

Itinerary Planner

With the free printables available on this site you can create a free printable vacation trip planner that will plan every aspect of your trip for you.

  • Include one of the itinerary templates above to list all the places you want to visit and the things you want to do before you decide which ones to actually include in your final travel itinerary planner.
  • Add the travel budget template above to calculate all expenses.
  • Create a Travel Checklist including a Baby Travel Checklist and an International Travel Checklist.
  • Include a Countdown Calendar since the anticipation is part of the fun!
  • If you want to keep a journal during your travels then add a journal template.

And did I mention that all these printables are free!

How do you know which trip itinerary template is best for you?

There are many different travel itinerary templates available but each has different sections. Choose the template that has the most sections you would like to include in your vacation planner.

How to plan your travel itinerary

I love traveling. I have been to at least 40 countries pretty much all over the world. I always plan my trips beforehand. When I travel on my own or with my partner, I am more flexible and enjoy a less rigid schedule. However, when I travel with my kids, I like to be prepared. I want to take them to the important sights and I need to know how we are going to get from place to place. I don’t want to be stuck in a foreign country trying to work out how to get from place to place. When I travel for business, I need to know when meetings are scheduled so that I don’t miss anything important. Therefore, over the years, I have prepared many different travel itineraries for every scenario. I am happy to share them with you here. They are tried and tested and I have updated them over the years when I realized that information was missing.

I think that the more organized you are before your trip, the better your trip will be. You won’t find yourself regretting not visiting a specific place or trying food that everyone is suddenly talking about.

A little bit of planning will ensure that you see the places you want to see, know how to get from place to place, and don’t land up spending more than you planned to spend.

Setting a travel budget and sticking to it is also an important part of planning a trip. See the travel budget template above.

You can go into as much detail as you want on your itinerary. For that reason, we offer a number of itinerary templates. Each itinerary template goes into a different level of detail. Some list the must-see sites and others plan each visit from start to finish. Use the itinerary that best reflects the level of detail you want to go into.

If you want more flexibility, then select the Google Docs or Microsoft Word versions as you can edit them to make them suit your needs if you don’t find a template that is perfect for you.

When planning your trip, open any itinerary example above and start filling out the details. It will help you plan the important parts of your trip and remind you of the things you need to organize.

Choose a Destination

If you have a bucket list then use it to select your destination. You might choose your destination based on the flights available if your schedule isn’t flexible, your budget or the weather during the time you want to travel. If you have a specific destination in mind, then it will be easier to choose a place. If not, Google a few options and see which one looks the most fun. Check the price of flights to that place during the time you plan to travel. Flights are usually the biggest part of the budget and the cost might determine your destination.

Choose Dates

The dates will determine how much time you spend at the destination and your travel budget. Typically, the longer your trip, the higher the budget.

The dates will also determine the cost of your trip. When you travel in high season, it will cost more than when you travel off-season.

Establish a Budget

Set a realistic budget for your trip. Use our free budget template (see above) to get an idea of how much your trip will cost and plan your budget. If you use our free vacation planner then you will find a budget template there too.

  • Check if there are any requirements for your destination.
  • Some countries require a visa, passport photos (see our free Passport Photo Maker), Covid tests, vaccinations, etc. Check what you will need and how much it will cost you.
  • If you are planning on renting a car, check if you will need an international driving permit or other documentation.
  • Make sure your passport is valid.
  • Some countries require that your passport is valid for a specific length of time. Research to make sure that you don’t need a new passport or a visa that might take a while to get.

Find flights

Once you know where you are going and for how long, start looking for flights. If your flights are expensive to a specific location you might want to fly to another city in that country and then take a train or drive. This often enables you to see another city which could be more interesting as well. Another option is a flight with a long layover. This lets you see another country without paying extra. When I traveled with my family to South Africa, we stopped in Paris on the way there. We had a full day there which we spent at Euro Disney. On the way back, we had a full day in Amsterdam, where we walked around Amsterdam for hours and even managed to spend time at the Science Museum. My kids got to see two more countries that they hadn’t been to and the flights cost the same, if not less. If you do this, you must make sure that the travel from the airport won’t be too time-consuming. You want to have enough time in the city to enjoy your visit.

Make a list of the places you want to visit

Create a rough outline of the places you want to visit. This will ensure that there will be enough to see and do. If your budget is tight, check your travel budget before you make the bookings.

The list of places you want to visit will probably determine the hotel you stay at. You will want to stay as close as possible to most of the places you want to visit.

Find hotels

Book a hotel or hotels, if you will be moving around.


Determine how you will travel from place to place.

Decide if you will rent a car or if you will use public transportation. If you are using public transportation, check what the best means of transportation is. You might combine various methods. You might also get a guide who will take you from place to place. When we visited China, I found a local guide who drove us from place to place. This is helpful when you are visiting a place that is more difficult to travel alone. If you are traveling with kids, you will want to check how many people can travel in a cab. A good way to check the best way to get from place to place is Rome2Rio.

You will also want to check the price of the specific method of transportation. When I visited Japan, I used the bullet train to get to further places which was very convenient but also very expensive. If you are on a tight budget, you will want to check the price of local transportation before you book your flights and hotels.

Create a detailed itinerary

  1. Choose one of the itinerary templates above and start deciding what you are going to do each day.
  2. Group places that are close together on the same day. Also, take into account the travel time to each attraction, the time you will need for sightseeing, opening hours, and mealtimes.
  3. Some attractions might require that you book tickets online ahead of time so ensure that there are tickets available for that day.
  4. If time is short, you might want to get save-the-line tickets which can be very convenient.

What is an itinerary?

An itinerary planner is a document that includes the details of your trip or journey.

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