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Manifestation Board

A manifestation board is very powerful but takes time to make. Our free tools will enable you to quickly create a manifestation board that will turn your dreams into reality.

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What is a Manifestation Board?

A manifestation board or vision board is a collection of images and manifestation affirmations that help you visualize your dream life so that you can use the law of attraction to turn it into your reality. Seeing the images on your board should help you envision your dreams and evoke emotion. Your board should visualize what you want to be, do, and have in the future so that you can manifest it and turn your dreams into reality with the help of the law of attraction.

How do You Use a Vision Board Manifestation

Some people think that it is enough to create a vision board and that their dreams will come true. Unfortunately, this is not enough. There are some other things you need to do so that your manifestation board helps you manifest your dream life.
Once you have clarified your goals, you will need to act with intention and purpose to reach your goals. The law of attraction will provide the opportunities but you need to get out there to find them and to act upon them (see how to manifest).
You need to visualize the images on your manifesting vision board coming true. This will program your subconscious mind to see your dream life as your reality.
You need to believe that you have achieved your goals in order to generate the feelings that you will feel when you do reach them. When your subconscious acts as though you are living your dream life then you will attract opportunities into your life, that will help you to achieve these goals.

Vision Board Manifestation

How to make a vision board for manifestation

A vision board can be used for manifestation for a number of reasons.

A manifestation board helps you define and envision your dream life. You cannot manifest your dream life if you are not sure what it is. You need to know exactly how you want your dream life to be. The board helps you describe it and the emotions it brings out in you. All of these things are important for the law of attraction to bring your desires to you.

According to Shannon Kaiser, spiritual author, in order to manifest something, we must first match the vibration of what it is that we are looking to manifest. You can only attract vibrations that match up with your vibrations. Vision boards help you do this. You need to feel the emotions and feelings you will feel when you get the life you are dreaming of. A vision board helps you visualize this life and generate the feelings and emotions that you would feel if it was your reality.

How to create a manifestation board?

The following workbook will take you through each step of the process.

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Editable PDF

Create a manifestation list

Before you start creating a manifesting vision board you have to determine the life you want to manifest. Before you start creating your list, make sure you have some quiet time alone for self-reflection. You might want to meditate before you start or take some deep breaths. Now ask yourself: What do you want to achieve? What kind of life do you want to live? Who do you want to be? What kind of qualities do you want to have, which profession, and what career? How would you like people to see you or describe you? Where do you want to be in life? Where do you want to be in 1 year, in 3 years, in 5 years, and in 10 years? What will make you feel fulfilled? What experiences do you want to have?

The law of attraction will not work if you are trying to manifest things that are not really meaningful or important to you.

See our free manifest list template that will help you create this list.

Divide your manifestation list into topics

You want your manifestation board to be organized so that each section generates the specific thoughts and feelings required to manifest that particular goal. You need to stay focused and don’t want to confuse your mind. Your sections can include health and wellness, fitness, love, family, career, home, travel, finances, personal growth, etc. If you use our free manifest list template then it will already be divided into sections however you can edit them if you want to make changes.

Create a sketch or draft

If you are creating a digital board then this step isn’t that important since you can easily make changes to your board. If you are making a physical board then it is important to plan ahead so that you don’t need to redo any section.

You can use this template to plan your board before you actually start making it. Use it to list the areas you will focus on and to decide what you would like to achieve in each area.

Gather pictures

Gather a picture of each goal and/or images that activate your energy and evoke the feelings and emotions that reaching the goal will create. You can find pictures in magazines or online. You can use photos that you have taken or photos that you find online. If you use our free online manifestation maker then you will have access to a gallery with millions of images that are all free.

Add words, quotes, and affirmations that trigger emotions

Add the words, quotes, and manifestation affirmations that most align with what you want to manifest. You can also add words that convey emotions. You can even add positive affirmation cards to your board.

Put your board somewhere where you will see it daily

Creating your board sets your intention. You now have to believe that your dream will become reality. It is important to look at your board every day. You want to generate the feelings at least once a day to get the law of attraction working on your goals. Put a copy next to your bed to let your subconscious process your goals while you sleep. Our subconscious mind is most impressionable just before we fall asleep. It will also be the first thing you see in the morning which will get you visualizing your goals first thing in the morning.

Create a plan to reach your goals

It is not enough to create your vision board and hope that your dream life will manifest. You need to create opportunities and find ways to make them happen. Use our goal planner to set your goals. Make sure that each goal is SMART.

Take action

Once you have a plan you need to take action. See our action items template to list the action items that you can take to start working toward your goals.

Keep your manifestation board updated

Your goals and priorities change all the time. Sometimes they manifest and you want to set more challenging goals. Other times, your aspirations change and you decide to update your goals. Keep your manifestation vision board current by reevaluating your goals and vision periodically.

Should you create a digital or a physical manifestation board?

There are advantages and disadvantages of both physical and digital manifestation boards.

Physical manifestation boards – since it takes more effort to create a physical manifestation board, you will probably have a deeper connection to it and it will stir up more feelings and emotions. This will help you to manifest your goals. On the other hand, it is more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to create this board. It is also more difficult to transport, although you can take a photo of it and store it on your phone. To create a physical vision board, you will need the following vision board supplies: either a notice board or cardstock. You will also need photos, scissors, glue, tape, or pins. Either use photos or print images. You can also use our manifestation board template and adhere photos instead of creating a digital version. To add color, use markers or stickers and embellishments.

Digital manifestation boards – these are much easier to create. We also provide a free template that will help you create one. If you store your vision board on your phone, then you can access it from anywhere, which is great. It is much easier to update and make changes to a digital board. When you manifest something you want to visualize it as often as you can so there is an advantage to a digital version that you can carry around. You can also put a copy in your manifestation journal.

How to use the manifestation board maker

Open the manifestation board creator

See the videos above. They will show you each stage of the process.

  1. Select a manifestation board template. There are a number of templates available. Choose the one that best suits your dream life. If you want to use your board as your phone wallpaper then choose one in portrait orientation. If you want wallpaper for your PC or laptop then choose landscape orientation.
  2. Add Images. You can either use your own photos or you can use images from the gallery. To use your own photo, click on the camera icon and then upload your image. To add an image from the gallery, click on the camera icon and then on the gallery icon. Use the search function to find the image that you are looking for. Try to find images that make you feel how you will feel when your dreams become your reality.
  3. Add quotes, manifestation affirmations, or gratitude affirmations.
  4. Either replace the dummy text with your quotes and/or manifestation affirmations. You can also add new text by clicking on “add text”. Drag the text to wherever you want it to be and change the font, size, and color.
  5. Add words that convey an emotion. If there are words that make you feel the emotions you want to feel – such as success, excitement, love, and happiness, then add them to the board. It is very important that your board generates the emotions that you will feel when your dream life becomes real.
  6. Add an abundance check (see below).
  7. Download your manifestation board.

You can either use the file to store it digitally on your phone or PC or you can create a wallpaper or screen saver. You can also print it to create a physical manifestation board.

Manifestation Board Templates

The manifestation life vision board template that we offer above is very balanced. It relates to six different aspects of life. This prevents you from focusing on one specific area and throwing your life out of balance. For example, when people only focus on their careers, they might find themselves neglecting their family, relationships, or health.

How to Manifest your Dreams Using Your Vision Board

  1. Create your vision board. This will set your intentions for whatever you are asking the Universe to provide you with. The more detail you go into, the more specific your vision is and the better your chances of getting it.
  2. Hang it somewhere you will see it as often as possible. You need to see it daily and visualize the images on it. It will motivate you to reach your goals.
  3. Believe that you will turn your vision board into your reality. Use your vision board to picture each of your goals and visualize yourself living the life you described. Imagine how you will feel and act as if you are receiving your wishes.
  4. Use our free goal planner to break your goals into steps and to determine action items that will help you reach each and every goal.
  5. Continue practicing gratitude for everything you have. Keep a gratitude journal to focus on what you have.
  6. When you focus on what you want and visualize having it you will attract it into your life. Keep acting as if it is coming and it will eventually become your reality.

How long does it take to manifest your goals?

It is very important not to focus on how long it will take. Keep being positive, visualize your goals, show gratitude, and take action. Things will manifest when the timing is right. Don’t worry if the timing isn’t on your schedule. Trust the Universe to deliver when the timing is right.

Abundance Check

Create a free law of abundance check or manifestation check. The Secret check was first introduced in The Secret where they suggested using the law of attraction check to visualize whatever it is you want to manifest. Initially, you visualize the check from the universe, and when it manifests it should be replaced by a real check from a real bank and not from the Bank of the Universe. In the movie, The Secret, it was shown to be a magic check. I think that it should be used together with your action plan to do the work required to get a real check. The Secret check helps to visualize the outcome of your work and to motivate you to do whatever you need to do to reach your goals. So, open the check maker, choose a check template and fill out the blank check. Fill in any sum that you want as long as you believe you can get it. Put the check on your manifestation board or vision board. Then, start working on your action plan, and a real check will be on the way to you!

See how to manifest money

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Manifestation Quotes

You can add manifestation quotes to your board. See manifestation affirmations and manifestation quotes.

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