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Manifest List

How to write a manifest list step by step with a free guide that will show you how to successfully manifest your dream life. Tip: if you do it wrong it won’t work!

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Fulfilling your dreams is your birthright. It is the purpose of your life. The first step you need to take before you can manifest something is to clearly define the things you want to manifest in every aspect of your life. Include as many things as you want in your manifest list but make sure that you really want each thing on the list.

How to Write a Manifestation List

If you are not sure how to write manifestations then see the instructions below. Some people like to meditate or do deep breathing exercises before they start. It makes them feel more relaxed and positive to start the brainstorming session and be more in touch with themselves and their desires.

Step 1: Create a Dream List

You can either use our free manifest list template or you can take a blank sheet of paper and go through the following steps. Our manifestation list planner includes the following worksheets:

Issues with my life

Describe the issues that you have with your life at the moment. Relate to your family, health, financial situation, social situation, education, career, and character. If there is a field that you would like to focus on that does not appear, then either add it or replace one that doesn’t mean as much to you.

My idea of a perfect life

Relate to each field and describe how it would be if life was perfect. Dream big and don’t stop yourself. Write down anything that comes to mind. Don’t think about what you are writing. Instead, spontaneously write the first thing that comes to mind without restraining yourself. Don’t worry if the things you write are possible or realistic. Don’t worry if they are not things you think you can achieve. Allow yourself to dream big.

Create Your Manifest List

Go over each section in your idea of a perfect life. Now, make each one realistic and write down your goals. Your goals must be challenging but realistic enough that you can believe them. If you don’t really believe that something will manifest then it won’t. The test is if you can believe it – not if it is possible. If your dreams are grandiose and unrealistic but you believe that they can come true then go ahead and move them to your manifest list.

Think about what you desire and why you desire it. If your desire inspires you or brings joy to you and others then it will manifest. If your desire is shallow – if it’s about serving your ego, or backed by fear – this technique might not work. The more your desire will be of service to others the better chance it has of manifesting. For example, if you are trying to make money selling products. Don’t focus on the money that you will make but on the service that your product will provide. This service will generate the money that you desire but if your focus is on providing the best product then it will be more effective.

  • Ensure that the items on your list are written in positive affirmative language.
  • Ideally, they should be in the present tense.
  • You must believe that it is possible to obtain each thing on your list.
  • The best dreams contribute to the greater good of all and utilize your unique strengths and talents.  So, take your strengths, talents, and gifts into account when you create your list.
  • Since your attention is limited, focus on the things you want most first.
  • Try to use words that trigger emotion.
  • Focus on things that will benefit and bring joy to others.

Step 2: Prioritize Your List

Go over every item on your dream list and prioritize it. Find the things that are most important to you. Keep your dream list since you will eventually reach all your goals if you put your mind to it. However, at this stage, choose 4 to 16 items that will appear in your manifestation list. These will be the goals that you will focus on initially. The first time you try to manifest something you should probably only focus on one item on the list.

Step 3: What is your motivation?

Write down why you want to reach each of these goals. Sometimes when you get to this stage you might realize that your motivation is really superficial and you might decide to re-prioritize your list. Determining and describing your motivation will also help you take action and visualize as it will help you understand why your goals are important to you.

Reasons I want to achieve my goals

Write down your motivation for reaching your goals. Try to write about the feelings and emotions that you will feel when you reach your goals. These are important in order to manifest your goals.

Step 4: Revise your manifest list periodically

Your goals and priorities change over time, so evaluate your goals and dreams every few months or once a year, and then revise your list. You will also manifest some items and will want to update your list. Keep your manifest list updated by revising it every few months.

Manifestation List Examples

Here are some examples of manifestation lists:

  • find love:
    • I am so in love with my perfect partner
    • I am attracting my perfect partner and soulmate.
    • (see how to manifest someone)
  • get a new job:
    • I am so excited to have received this good job offer
    • I am attracting an excellent high paying and fulfilling job
    • My next job is exciting. I enjoy it and the salary is very high.
  • new house:
    • I love my perfect house
  • get someone to ask you out:
    • I am so happy Paul asked me out
  • receive money:
    • I am so happy to receive $100
    • Every day I have more money to spend
  • be healthy:
    • I am so appreciative that I am healthy
  • lose weight:
    • I love my body
  • get someone to call you:
    • I am so excited that Simon called me

Manifestation List Template

This manifest list template has two pages with the following categories: personal development, relationships, family, financial situation, health, career, hobbies, and exercise.

Use the Word version if you want to edit the categories.

Manifestation List TemplatePin

This template will help you create your manifestation list only

Manifest List

This template also includes an action plan with action items to reach each goal.

Manifest Listwith Action Plan

This is a vision board with space to write what you want to manifest for each category: love, health, career, finances, travel, and relationships.

This is a manifest list template. The template on the left is an open list. The template on the right has space for 3 things you want to manifest.

Add Photos


Be-Do-Have Template

See the manifestation journal for the complete journal.

How to Write Down Manifestations

Once you have your manifestation list, you will want to create an affirmation for each item on the list. If you are not sure how to write a manifestation then see manifestation affirmations and How to Manifest

See manifestation journal for more information on how to manifest something by writing it down


Now that you know what you want to manifest why don’t you create a manifestation board?

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