Life Path Number 2

Life Path Number2

Life Path 2

Those with life path number 2 will seek balance and harmony in every area of their lives. As a result they will learn the benefits of cooperation with others and compromising to reach win-win situations in life. These qualities enable them to get along with people really well.

Life Path Number 2 Meaning

Life Path 2 means that your strongest traits are kindness, sensitivity, empathy, diplomacy, and cooperation. You are the most patient of all the numbers and are extremely sensitive, perceptive, and emotional. The sensitivity of number 2 life path people is not only emotional but includes allergens of all kinds (such as food, skin products, etc). You can find a 2 life path number laughing one minute and then crying the next.

Characteristics and Personality Traits of a Life Path 2


Number 2 life path people cooperative, peaceful, calm, patient, inclusive, social, balanced, and objective. They are very intuitive and can sense other people’s emotions. It is important that this intuition doesn’t come at the expense of their own values.


Life number 2 people tend to be competitive, adversarial, critical, and judgmental. They tend to overreact and are often defensive and moody. Because people with the 2 life path number are very sensitive and tuned in to other people’s emotions, they can find themselves ignoring their own needs to keep others happy. This will cause resentment over time. They also tend to be overly concerned with what other people think.


When it comes to relationships, number 2s are unlikely to stay single for very long. They are more comfortable in a relationship than on their own. They have difficulties setting boundaries.

Life Path Number 2 Compatibility

People with life path number 2 will be most compatible with those with life path numbers 6, 9, and 22.


When it comes to careers, number 2s will be great negotiators and mediators so they could pick a career where this quality is part of the job. In general, they will be successful in any career choice that helps other people (such as mediation, teaching, counseling, law, etc.). They make great lawyers, diplomats, and politicians. Any position that allows them to utilize their sensitivity will be a great fit.
Careers that take advantage of their healing capabilities would also be a good fit (such as physiotherapy, counseling, massage, etc).

Life Path Number 2 Poster

Life Path Number 2 Poster

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The shape of the number 2

The shape is curvy and compromising which shows you that you need to learn how to stand up for yourself.

Celebrities with a life path number of 2

      • Jennifer Aniston
      • Meg Ryan
      • Kevin Bacon
      • Jennifer Lopez
      • Angela Bassett
      • Tony Bennett
      • Paris Hilton
      • Ashley Judd
      • Madonna
      • Kathy Bates
      • Kim Basinger
      • Amelia Earhart
      • Diana Ross
      • Kanye West
      • Jackie Kennedy
      • Wesley Snipes
      • Barack Obama
      • Tony Blaire
      • Mark Wahlberg

Astrological Equivalent: Libra

Tarot Card Equivalent: High Priestess

Colors: Orange, peach, salmon, gold

Gems: Moonstone, gold

Flowers: Jasmine and pansy