Life Path Number 33

Life Path Number 33

Life Path 33

The Master Number 33/6 is known as the Master Teacher. They are the most influential of the Master Numbers. One of the reasons that they are so influential is because they don’t say anything without first checking that it is correct. They research ideas before they share them with others, which causes people to trust their opinions. They are genuinely concerned about humanity and don’t have a personal agenda which makes it much easier for people to trust their views.


When it comes to relationships, they need to focus on mastering their emotions. They love helping and healing and can fall for types that need “fixing”.

They are also the most compassionate of the Master Numbers.

People with life path number 33 will be most compatible with those with life path numbers 1, 3, 4, 11, and 22.


33 path numbers have a strong desire to help and support others. They would gain satisfaction from a career in healing, education, medicine, counseling or charity work. Any profession in which they could be of service to others would be a good career choice.


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Life Path Number 33 Poster

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Celebrities with a life path number of 33:

Meryl Streep, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Stephen King, and John Lennon,

Astrological Equivalent: Cancer/Pisces

Color: Deep sky blue

Gems: Lapis lazuli