Life Path Number 8

Life Path Number 8

Life Path 8

Life Path 8 means being a visionary and in a position of authority. Those with life path number 8 are often in top positions in businesses or organizations. Number 8’s love being in charge and enjoy the power that comes with it. They love money and enjoy spending it. Success is possible if it is obtained with integrity and authenticity. They can be opinionated and controlling. They enjoy the sense of accomplishment and usually do a good job.


When it comes to relationships, showing love and affection is difficult. Relationships often don’t last for too long.

People with life path number 8 will be most compatible with those with life path numbers 4, 6, and 9.


When it comes to careers, number 8s will excel at anything in the business world, such as banking, real estate, finance, and journalism. They are good at organizing, teaching, coaching, and supervising. They should prefer positions where they can be in charge, such as a CEO, CFO, or any managerial position.

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The shape of the number 8

The number eight is made up of two circles which represent the spiritual and material. It is important to keep these worlds in balance. The symmetrical shape also means that you can reverse anything anytime.

Celebrities with a life path number of 8

Nelson Mandela, Whoopi Goldberg, Matt Damon, Anthony Hopkins, Whitney Houston, Cindy Crawford, Barbra Streisand, Giorgio Armani, Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda, and Richard Gere.

Astrological Equivalent: Capricorn

Tarot Card Equivalent: Strength

Colors: Rose, pink

Gems: Diamond, rose quartz

Flowers: Hollyhock, elm and camellia