What is my angel number?

You have probably heard about angel numbers and you might be wondering how to find your angel number. Numerologists calculate this number using your birth date. The easiest way to do this is to use our free angel number calculator below.

Angel number calculator

Angel Number Calculator


How to use the calculator

  1. Click on the button above to open the angel number calculator.
  2. Enter the year you were born in.
  3. Select the month you were born in.
  4. Select the day you were born on.
  5. Click on the button “what is my angel number” calculator.
  6. Once you determine what your angel number is, you can create a free angel number chart with your personal angel number.

What are my angel numbers?

If you would rather learn how to calculate your angel number yourself instead of using our online angel number calculator then use the following worksheet that will take you step-by-step.

What’s My Angel Number Worksheet

what is my angel number?

or you can use this free typeable PDF to manually calculate your angel number. The typeable PDF will show you how to find your angel number step-by-step.


If you prefer to calculate your angel number without the calculator or the worksheet, then the following explanation will explain how to find it:

Your angel number is a calculation derived from your birth date.

For example, if your birthday is on the 7th of November and you were born in 1984. Your birth month is November. Its numeric value is 11. The day of the month you were born is number 7. The year you were born could be 1984. Those numbers strung together are: 1+1+7+1+9+8+4. Added together, they total 32. Next, add 3+2 and your personal angel number is 5.

If the result is a master number (i.e. 11, 22, or 33) then you do not continue adding the digits together. Instead, your personal angel number will be a two-digit master number. Master numbers are special numbers with higher vibrational energy.

If the result is not a master angel number (i.e. 11, 22, or 33) you keep adding the digits until you get a single-digit number.

What are Angel Numbers?

Your unique angel number is a constant number determined by your date of birth. It will not change. However, your guardian angels will send you messages via other numbers to help you understand what your main purpose is in life. They will try to guide you so you can feel more fulfilled and satisfied and enjoy a more meaningful life. See also life path number.

Each person has a “soul purpose” which is a predetermined purpose, mission, or reason for being put into this world. Your guardian angels have been assigned to you to help you find this purpose through angel numbers.

What is an angel number? Angel numbers are repeating numbers that appear often in order to send you a message or divine guidance from your guardian angels. See what are angel numbers. When number sequences appear often in different places, it is not a mere coincidence, but rather a sign that spirit guides are using these numbers to send you messages. The numbers can appear in phone numbers, license plates, billboards, receipts, etc. When you go through life, there will be times when things don’t do smoothly, you might encounter obstacles or difficulties. During these times, your angels send more numbers to help and guide you and to provide spiritual guidance. Their goal is not to make you dependent on them for advice, but rather to help you trust your intuition and your inner wisdom. You have all the answers. They are just confirming them for you.

The meaning of an angel number sequence is based on the theories of numerology. Each angel number is broken up into single-digit numbers in order to understand what the angel number means. The position of each number in the number sequence also influences its meaning.

The meaning behind the sequence of numbers can differ depending on where you saw the angel number and the issues that you are dealing with in your life at that particular moment.

It should be noted that angel numbers are always positive messages. They could be confirmation that you are on the right path or going in the right direction. They could also be a reminder to focus on gratitude, and self-care or to make other positive changes in specific areas of your life. They could also be a sign that abundance is on its way and that this is a good time to focus on manifestation. Your angels will never send you a negative message or a bad sign since they are here to protect and guide you.

How do you know your angel number? Please see the explanation on how to find out your angel number above.

What messages do your angels send you?

Every number sequence has a specific meaning (see angel number meanings). You can see the specific meaning of each of the angel numbers on this site. However, here are some messages that guardian angels often send us. Angels:

  • Ask us to find opportunities for new beginnings if we are stuck or need to experience new things to reach our potential or find our purpose.
  • Prepare us for changes that are beyond our control and help us ensure these changes will be for our benefit. We often need help to accept changes and come to terms with transitions.
  • Help us with our spiritual growth.
  • Raise our vibration when we are trying to manifest and need a little help to bring more prosperity or abundance into our lives.
  • Provide support when we are feeling alone.

This site will help you get a better understanding of the messages your angels are sending you.

What’s my angel number? See the angel number calculator above.

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