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P90x Schedule

Free P90x schedule and planner to help you complete the P90x program. It will keep you motivated and accountable.

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If you are looking for the perfect workout program, you may have come across a program referred to as the P90X program. Below you will find information about the program and a P90x Schedule to mark each workout when complete. You can also record notes.

Please note that this is an intense exercise program. Before you start it, you should consult your physician and follow all safety instructions, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have any medical condition, or are taking any medication. The contents on this website are for informational purposes only, and are not intended to replace the advice of a healthcare professional, or provide any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

What is the P90X program?

The P90X workout program is a system of 12 different high-intensity DVD workouts that are spread over a period of 90 days. This well-marketed training program is built on the principle of specificity. With this principle, it’s undeniably easier to eliminate the plateaus that are commonly experienced in unplanned workout programs.

The P90X program is a good workout program if you are looking to improve in muscle development, flexibility, and cardiovascular enhancement. When you purchase the P90X system, you are supposed to receive 12 workout DVDs, a 113-page nutrition plan, z 100-page fitness guide, and a 90-day P90X calendar so that you can plan your progress.

P90X equipment required

For this program, you need some equipment to do the different workouts. The main equipment needed for the P90X include:

  • Bands with door attachment
  • Dumbbells
  • Sturdy Chair
  • Resistance bands
  • Jump mat
  • Push-up stand
  • Chin-up bar
  • Chin-up max

The chin-up max and jump mat are optional, even though they may come in handy for some individuals.

Who created the P90X program?

The P90X program was created by Tony Horton and is usually sold by the ‘Beachbody on Demand’ fitness company.

Tony Horton is one of the most renowned trainers in the fitness world. He has worked with Beachbody to help millions of clients to get their dream bodies through a series of workouts.

He has even worked with some celebrities and athletes over the two decades that he has been a fitness trainer. He is also known for employing discipline and humor in his training, not to mention his dedication to encouraging his clients to keep pushing on.

Does p90x work?

If you are looking for the simple, direct-to-the-point answer to this question, then that answer is Yes. It’s just that P90X is not a magical exercise program that will be easy for you to complete while yielding terrific results.

Your input is crucial when it comes to exercising the P90X way, just like with every other exercise regimen. First of all, you have to maintain a healthy diet if you are going to see great results. In addition to that, you will have to bring a lot of dedication and determination to the workout room.

It’s also good to keep in mind that this workout program is made for healthy persons in good physical condition. As such, it’s a good idea to avoid the regime if you are obese, have chronic ailments, or do have any physical limitations. Expectant mothers might be able to do the workouts if they have been doing them before conceiving, as long as their doctor approves.

P90x Workout Schedule

What is the p90x workout schedule?

The P90X workout schedule is a routine that is made up of 12 intense workouts that are supposed to be completed in a span of 90 days.

The workout schedule makes use of a P90X calendar that can download for free below, as well as tracking sheets to keep monitoring progress. That way, you can always find out whether you are on the right track, and whether the results that you are seeing are at par with what you are supposed to get.

One of the most important facts about the P90X workout schedule is that it can take three different approaches, depending on one’s fitness goals. If you’d rather go the slow and basic way, you’d have to choose the Classic plan.

The other two options that you can choose from are the Lean and Doubles schedules. As you can expect, the P90X workout schedule is meant to change depending on whether you have chosen to go with the Classic, Doubles, or Lean plan.

The factors that change depending on the type of schedule that you choose are the number of cardiovascular vs. resistance workouts that you will have. One thing that remains constant all through regardless of the schedule type that you go with is the one rest day that you get for each week. This means that regardless of the schedule that you pick, you will always have six workout days.

With three different schedules to choose from, this workout program is one of the most versatile available. Since there are three different plans, you can do the workout three times and achieve different results each time.

Our printable P90x worksheets have space to mark a workout complete and to record notes if you want to keep a record of how difficult the workout was or anything else you want to remember. This will help you see if you are making progress.

Each printable P90x workout schedule is available as an image (click on the image to open it), a Word file, or a PDF. The P90x Schedule PDF cannot be edited but you can type your notes on it. If you want to make changes, such as adding a date for each workout, then use the Word file.

  1. P90X Classic Schedule

If you choose the P90X classic schedule, you will do resistance training workouts for three days. You will have to use dumbbells, free weights, pull-up bars, resistance bands, and exercise balls. For the remaining three days, you will be doing yoga and cardiovascular workouts. The classic plan is a great choice if you are looking to build lean muscle as well as reduce body fat.

Here is the printable P90x workout schedule for the classic program.

Word | PDF

  1. P90X Lean Schedule

This workout schedule is meant for people that enjoy cardio activity. Since it’s more cardio-inclined, it’s a great choice if you simply want to lean out and burn fat quicker. The P90X lean schedule is not focused on building muscle mass. Instead, it focused on cutting your muscles so that they become more prevalent. With this plan, you will have to do yoga and cardio workouts for four days, with resistance training taking the remaining two days. The last day can be used as a stretch or rest day.

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  1. P90X Doubles Schedule

This is the most intense of the three schedules since it will require doing double workouts every day. For the first thirty days, on this schedule, you will be working out using the Classic Workout Schedule. The second part of this schedule (days 31-90) will require you to add a strength workout for your morning workout and a cardio workout in the evening. The main benefit of this schedule is that you will get results faster, due to the more intense training technique.

Since this schedule is very intense, you should get the best possible results in the least amount of time possible. However, it’s highly recommended that you first try out either the classic or lean schedules before challenging yourself with the doubles plan. That’s in consideration that the doubles schedule is considerably intense and as such can lead to overworking your body and muscles if you don’t take the necessary care.

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How long are P90X workouts?

If you are interested in following the P90X routine, you will be required to set an average of 60 minutes a day for six days every week. That’s in consideration that some workouts such as the “Chest & Back” take about 53 minutes while others like the “Plyometrics” take about 59 minutes.

P90X Results: What can you expect?

As long as you are fairly fit, you should see great results after completing the 90-day training period. Of course, how you look in the end will depend a lot on how much effort you put in.

If you put in the required effort, this workout program can help you get in the best shape possible. You will especially see great results if your main objective was your main aim.

Keep in mind, all the same, that P90X works perfectly for different workout objectives due to its versatility. As such, whether you are interested in building a more muscular body or losing fat, you can expect to achieve these goals as long as you put in the right amount of effort and you maintain a healthy diet.

P90X vs Insanity

P90X and Insanity are some of the most used workout programs by individuals who are after seeing good results in the shortest time possible.

These two programs, as you might expect, are different, however, with the main difference being that P90X is longer and more intense. Insanity, on the other hand, is less intense but more cardio-based. P90X incorporates cardio but is more focused on strength training.

Since P90X uses both cardio and strength training, not to mention that it’s also more versatile compared to Insanity, it’s a better choice for those who are looking to become burn fat quicker while building more muscle. Insanity, on the other hand, is for persons looking to improve their athletic performance, while losing weight to become overall leaner.

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