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Pantry Labels

Free editable and printable pantry labels that you can customize online. Available in many different designs and sizes.

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Free Printable Pantry Labels

Kitchen pantry labels get wet or are exposed to water. Therefore, you should always print them on vinyl or waterproof sticker paper.

Our free pantry label stickers are available in a few different formats:

Chalkboard Labels

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Transparent food storage labels

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These transparent pantry container labels are editable so you can include only the labels you need. If your food storage containers are white then you can print the pantry stickers on white label paper. If not, clear sticker paper will be prettier. Apply the printable labels to a clean and dry food container.

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To ensure that your pantry labels remain intact and unaffected by water, consider using waterproof materials or coatings. This can involve printing the labels on waterproof label sheets, which are designed to withstand moisture. Alternatively, after printing labels on regular paper, you can apply a clear, waterproof sealant spray or cover them with clear adhesive vinyl. These methods will help protect the labels from water damage, keeping them legible and intact despite exposure to moisture in the kitchen environment.

How to Make Free Printable Labels

  1. Click on the button above to open the sticker maker.
  2. Select the label template you want to use. You can choose either chalkboard labels or transparent labels.
  3. Open the label maker.
  4. Edit the text.
  5. Download the printable labels.
  6. Print on sticker paper or label paper.

How to Add an Expiration Date

You can add the expiration date to your food container labels so that you know when it is good until. To do that, click on “add text”. Add the date to the label before you print. This method is good when you label food that will last for a while since you will need to reprint a new sticker when you replace the food. Alternatively, you can add the expiration date with a wipeable marker. These markers write on vinyl stickers but you can easily wipe them off.

How to Cut the Printable Labels

You can either cut the labels by hand, with a guillotine cutting machine (if you select the rectangular labels), or with a Cricut cutting machine. To create Cricut labels, download the labels in PNG format.

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