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Pecha Kucha Presentation Template

Download a free Pecha Kucha presentation template to save you time and frustration. Now, all you need to do is put your content on it. We’ve done the rest for you.

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What is a Pecha Kucha-style presentation?

Pecha Kucha is a style that relies on concision and also brevity. The numbers of slides that are used on it are limited and thus a presenter is forced to ensure that the content that he/she is presenting is streamlined well. You will not just wake up one day and make the slides and go and present, that won’t work out for you. Pecha will force you to get out here and prepare first, get used to your presentation, and practice well before getting it out to the audience.

Remember that one feature that it has that you won’t find anywhere is that, it has no option of skipping or even going back. Forward ever is the slung that is used here. Once a slide has gone it has gone. If you want to get it, then you have to go to the end before starting afresh.

This style is also a unique one as it uses visual presentations of single powerful images. The striking visuals will captivate the audience positively. It has been found that when using visuals people are immediately captivated. However, when you use written words it takes a little longer.

What is the Pecha Kucha format?

This is a format that uses slides or images that are displayed at an interval of 20 seconds each. The slides are 20 in number and move automatically as the presenter is presenting his/her work and speaking. The format is unique as it ensures that the presenter is concise and moves through the presentation without having to click the next slides, or without having a person that controls them. You can download a free Pecha Kucha template below. It is in PPT format and each of the slides is already timed. All you need to do is to add your content to each slide.

The presentation should be precise and the speaker should synchronize the presentation well. The presentation is also seen to take exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds. That means accuracy will be highly adhered to.

How do you make a Pecha Kucha Presentation?

The easiest way is to use our free Pecha Kucha template which has 20 slides that are timed to show for 20 seconds each.

Download Presentation

Click on the button above to download the free pecha style presentation in Powerpoint format.

Tips to make a great Pecha Kucha presentation

  1. Take or choose a topic that you love

If you get something that you don’t understand it will give you some headache to present it from your head. But if you choose a topic that you love most and have expertise in, you can be sure of your passion shining throughout the presentation.

  1. Don’t always be like the rest, be different by having something extra to say

Be unique in your different way to make your presentation better. At least try to pick something different from what others are talking about.

  1. If it’s a thesis, keep it simple

Talks in this forum are always short and there is no time for everything that you want to talk about. Your topic should be narrow enough to be covered within the time frame given.

  1. Choose the main points

With the topic in mind, you can now think about the points that will guide you. It is appropriate to remember the rule of doing 3 main points in each slide with 3 examples.

  1. Have a flow of work

You can tell a story in a great way that will draw your audience to want more. Start with a personal anecdote or you can decide to have it incorporated in your presentation. That makes the presentation to be personal.

  1. Arrange and outline slides

For easy presentation, it is advised that you make at least 20 slides that are outlined well visually. Add text to the slides and see how they will flow. Don’t combine ideas into one, separate them.

  1. Don’t make the slides complex

Simplicity is key here for easy audience understanding. Don’t jam images in the slides. Having one slide with one image is better than filling the whole screen with multiple images. This is not good because it will make the screen look busy for use in 20 seconds.

  1. Slide timing adjustment

The time you spend talking about a slide is very important. You might find that you have more time to talk about one slide than another. If that’s the case, you will need to split up the side that has more time. For the one that you use less time, it can be incorporated into another.

  1. Practice

Your work will not be better at all if you don’t go through and even practice your presentations. Practice will help you see where you have downfalls so that you adjust accordingly. Reviewing your work slightly before presenting will also make sure that you can remember most of the work before the actual presentation.

  1. Once the presentation starts, keep going

You will have to learn to speed up or adjust your speed accordingly as the presentation progresses. Don’t get stuck in one slide and you have 5seconds to go but you can stop on an important point when you want to increase its importance. Once you have started, there is no stopping. If by accident you flip on your words, don’t worry and cause alarm to yourself, get over it and keep going to the last slide.

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