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Pre-made Bullet Journal Planner

Would you like to create beautiful BuJo spreads without wasting hours of your precious time? We offer free pre-made bullet journal planners you can download as-is or edit online. There are 20+ free ready to print journals or get creative and add doodles, stickers or any element with our free online bullet journal maker.

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This pre-made bullet journal will help you plan every part of your life: from decluttering your mind, being grateful and more positive, reading more, setting goals and creating a plan to reach each goal, setting priorities, scheduling your days, creating positive habits, reaching your health and fitness goals, to organizing your home, and more.

The free ready-made bullet journal PDF is divided into sections. This enables you to print the sections you want to include in your bullet journal instead of printing pages you don’t want to include. In each section, you can also choose to print all or some pages or make additional copies of others.

The templates in the ready-made booklets cannot be edited. However, you can edit each bullet journal template included in the booklets by going to the relevant section and customizing each template.

Printable Bullet Journal Planner

We offer a selection of premade bullet journal planners that you can print and use as-is.

Brain Dump

The Bullet Journal Method suggests that you create a brain dump before starting your bullet journal in order to declutter your mind.

The Core Collections

This pre-made bullet journal PDF includes the basic printables that most bullet journals will contain. It has 5 pages and they cannot be edited in the PDF. However, if you click on the links below you can go to each section and edit each page to suit your needs. You might also find designs that you prefer whereas the ready-made option cannot be changed.

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You can find printable bullet journal pages for each of the core collections on this website. All printables can be customized before you print. The four core collections are the Bullet Journal Index, the Future Log, the Monthly Log, and the Daily Log. You can also print the weekly spread. Since the Bullet Journal weekly spread is not one of the core collections, it is considered a custom collection.

Either click on the image above to print a five-page printable booklet with each of these sections or click on each link above to customize each page before you print it.

Gratitude Journal

A 50-page gratitude journal with gratitude prompts and quotes. There is a printable and digital bullet journal version available.

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Printable Journal    Digital Journal

The digital bullet journal version can be used with any PDF annotation app such as GoodNotes, Notability, etc. See digital planner for an explanation on how to use a digital bullet journal. Each page in the digital BuJo has hyperlinks to all other pages.

Reading Journal

This 17-page free printable reading journal includes book quotes, reading logs, book trackers, book reviews, a library book tracker, and more. Keeping a book journal will encourage you to track your reading over time and keep a long-term book log.

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Reading JournalPDF

The free DIY reading journal PDF has 17 pages, but you might not need to print some of them, and there might be other pages that you will want to print multiple copies of, such as the reading log printables.

Weight Loss Journal

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This DIY weight loss journal PDF has 41 pages including motivational quotes, water tracker, workout tracker, habit tracker, weight loss trackers, menu plan, food diary template, journal pages, and many more weight loss printables.

We also offere a free intuitive eating journal.


There are many things that you can track with your BuJo. Since each person will want to track different things we have not included a pre-made bullet journal with trackers but rather have included links to the tracker templates and you can decide which ones to include.

Habit Tracker Bullet Journal

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Since the text is editable these habit trackers can be used to track anything. There are many more ideas and templates in this section.

Sleep Tracker Bullet Journal


Bullet Journal Period Tracker

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There are many more Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas

Bullet Journal Goals Planner

This 40-page goals journal was designed to help you set and reach goals and spend your time and energy on what you define as meaningful. It walks you through every process step-by-step from setting goals to making a plan to reach them. It will also help keep you focused and remove distractions during the process. You can set goals in seven areas. There are seven suggested areas but you can edit each page to customize it to your needs and goals.

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Budget Planner

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This 24-page printable budget planner book has everything you need to get your finances in order and keep them there. If you want to select each budget printable yourself then check out the budget planner section.

Affirmation Journal

This 41 page affirmation journal is sure to boost your self-confidence and your mood.

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Digital Bullet Journal Planner

The digital bullet journal version can be used with any PDF annotation app such as GoodNotes, Notability, etc. See digital planner for an explanation on how to use a digital bullet journal.

Digital Bullet Journal

Turn your iPad into a digital bullet journal.

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To create a digital BuJo you will need:

  • an iPad or tablet
  • a stylus or Apple Pencil
  • a PDF annotation app such as GoodNotes or Notability (See GoodNotes bullet journal or Notability bullet journal for an explanation on each app)
  • and a Bullet Journal PDF (you can either print a ready-made bullet journal from this page or you can create a bullet journal with our bullet journal app.

You then write on your bullet journal iPad as you would on paper but you don’t need to print it.

Bullet Journal App

Use our free online bullet journal app to create bullet journal templates that you can either print or use on your bullet journal iPad.

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Benefits of a Premade Bullet Journal Planner

When your bullet journal is already made then you can concentrate on the content and not on creating the pages.

Using a pre-printed bullet journal notebook has its disadvantages as it isn’t as flexible. However, if you use a binder or a planner such as the Happy Planner you can insert pages as required and thus be flexible enough to make any changes. See how to turn your binder or Happy Planner into a Bullet Journal.

We offer a selection of premade bullet journal planners that you can print and use as-is. You can also use them to create a digital BuJo.

If there are any more bullet journal themes that you would like us to add then please leave a comment below.

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