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Pregnancy Journal

Free printable or digital pregnancy journal to help you record and document your pregnancy and create a keepsake for you and your child.

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The pregnancy journal records important milestones during your pregnancy without forcing you to spend too much time journaling. For each section, there are some prompts and free space to journal. If you want to write more than the allocated space for any section, then you can simply print an additional page.

The pregnancy planner also records your tests, appointments, ultrasounds, checklists, etc.


The journal template is available as a digital journal or a printable journal.

Digital Pregnancy Journal

To write in the digital journal you will need a tablet or iPad, a stylus, and a PDF annotation app (see digital planner). The digital pregnancy planner has tabs with hyperlinks with which you can move to any section or page.

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Printable Pregnancy Journal

To create the printable journal you can print the pages and have them bound or insert them into a planner or binder. The printable journal is editable so you can type on the PDF document before you print.

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Some of the pages in the pregnancy diary have space to add a photo.

There is no reference to mom or dad so it can be used by all families.

There is space to journal each month and you can decide what you want to write about. You can include your cravings, feeling, thoughts, ideas, etc. If life gets in the way and you find you miss some months, then you can either fill them in later or simply not print those pages. The advantage of a DIY journal template is that you can decide what to include in your journal, and you don’t have to accept whatever was inserted into a pre-bound book. You can personalize every page and section. For example, if you aren’t having a baby shower, then don’t print that section.

You can paste envelopes on the back of the pages to add additional photos, documents, blood tests, additional ultrasounds, etc.

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Pages Included

The digital or printable pregnancy journal includes the following pages:

  • Cover page
  • We’re Pregnant
  • Appointment Log
  • Ultrasounds
  • Weekly Weight Tracker
  • Baby Name Ideas
  • Baby’s Movements Tracker
  • Baby Shower Guest List
  • Baby Shower Memories
  • Baby Shower Gift Log
  • Baby Registry Checklist
  • Pregnancy Checklist
  • Baby Shopping List
  • Baby To-Do List
  • Letter to Baby
  • Journal (Month 1 to Month 9)
  • Belly Photos
  • Nursery Ideas
  • Nursery Layout
  • Nursery To-Do List
  • Birth Plan Template
  • Hospital Packing List
  • Birth Affirmations
  • Birth Details
  • First Photo
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