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Printable To Do List

Free printable to-do list templates that will get you organized and productive!

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Printable To Do List Templates

Printable To-Do List Templates

Printable to-do list template with 101 backgrounds and many to-do list layouts available.

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Below you will find a free printable to-do list in various designs and formats. You can either print as is or you can customize every part of the template. Select the design, the to-do list template and you can add your own custom title. You can also further customize by adding your own text and even your own picture. If you like the template as is then just print without making changes.

The following printables only have a to-do list. If you want to include more items in your tracker, then check out our planner customizer in all planner sizes. It will enable you to add daily, weekly or monthly planners with more options. You can also select the background.

Select a ready-made printable to-do list template

  • Select any background or border
  • Add any checklist format
  • Add text or images

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Checklist101 Borders

Cute To-Do List

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Many more designs are available!

How to Make a Printable To-Do List

We offer many different to-do list templates that you can customize to create your own to-do list printable that will help you keep organized. You get to choose the design and the method for tracking your to-do list. You can then personalize it to ensure that it is fully customized just for you! If you don’t want a border or background then you might prefer our Word checklist templates.

Customize & Print

You can print a to-do list for planners in various sizes to fit nearly all planners. You can select any background and any to-do list template.

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  1. Go to planner sizes to select your planner size. Your planner printable will have cutting lines to fit the selected planner.
  2. Select planner inserts.
  3. Click on “Checklist / To-Do List”.
  4. Select a to-do list template or weekly task list.
  5. You can change the color of the weekly tasks template by selecting it and then clicking on the little black square. Select your color.
  6. Make the list bigger or smaller and drag it anywhere.
  7. To change the border, click on the back arrow and then go to “select a border”.

Customize & Print

Here are some sample weekly to do list printables:

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Customize & Print


Choose the To-Do List Template

We have many templates available. Just choose the design that you want to use and start creating your own printable to-do list!

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Change the Method of Tracking your To-Do List

You can change the contents of the to-do list to use the system that you like best. We have many versions such as a checklist, weekly to-do list template (starting from either Sunday or Monday),. Just click on “checklists” and select the version that you would like to use.


Select a Background


Print at Home

You are then free to print as many copies as you want. It is totally free! You can download it as a PDF file or as an image. You can also save if you want to access your printable again in the future.

How to make your to-do list effective

Do you know that even if you have a really long to-do list and meticulously get every item on the list done, you will not necessarily reach your goals? Some people get sidetracked and they deal with the urgent and forget about the important, or they simply lose track of their goals and deal with the tasks they remember to take care of.

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Make sure that your to-do list aligns with your goals

Some of the checklist template printables on this site list your goals as well as your tasks so that you can ensure that the items you take care of will bring you closer to your goals.

  1. When you add items to your checklist check your long-term list of goals. If the item will not help you reach your goals think if you really want to get the task done or if you would be better off using that time to do something else more productive.
  2. Set tasks that you would like to get done each day, week, month, and year.
  3. Make your to-do list doable. If you add too many tasks, it might seem overwhelming and you might not land up getting anything done.
  4. Set a target date for each task.
  5. Make a list of daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

Tony Robbins’ Rapid Planning Method

Tony Robbins claims that you need to shift your focus from what you need to do to what you want to achieve. A to-do list should not contain a list of things to do but rather a list of things you want to achieve and the action items required to achieve those things.

According to Tony Robbins, when it comes to planning your life, you should ask 3 questions in the following order:

  1. What outcome or result do I want to achieve? Be as clear and specific as you can be. Focus on the measurable result and not on the activity. Before you start making your to-do list make sure you know exactly what your result will be. So, don’t make a list of the things you need to do but rather a list of the things you want to achieve. Think in terms of outcome and not activities. People focus on action items instead of achievement and even if they do the action items it might not make them get where they want to be. For example, if you have to make a call then don’t write make a call in your to-do list but rather write what the outcome of your call should be. When you schedule a meeting don’t write the meeting in your to-list but rather what the outcome of the meeting should be.
  2. Why is the result important to you? Why do you want to achieve these goals? What are your reasons? When you know why you want to achieve your goals you will find the motivation to reach them. Tony Robbins suggests making a list of trigger words that motivate you to reach your goal.  These words can motivate you and make you more enthusiastic. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, Tony gives the following trigger words as examples: pretty, desirable, knockout, or head turning.
  3. What do I need to do? What is my action plan? Tony suggests that you brainstorm a bunch of ideas. Once you have all the possibilities, you can later decide which one is most important to you.

Daily To-Do List to Stay Focused

Do you find that you don’t get the important tasks done and your day is often full of distractions? This productivity planner will keep you focused and productive.

One of the biggest obstacles people find when trying to be productive is staying focused and concentrating on the tasks and actions that help them achieve their goals. This daily tasks template is designed to help you avoid distractions. If a task does not align directly with your goals, it is merely a distraction. Delete the task. Use this daily task list every day to keep track of your tasks and to stay focused.

How to make a daily task list template for work?

When I arrive at work each day I spend a few minutes planning my day. I make a list of the things I have to get done that day and the things that I would like to get done. I try to get the things I have to get done first and then spend the rest of my day tackling my list of things that I would like to get done but don’t really have to. These might be things with no deadline or with a later deadline. There are a few templates above that can help you create such a list each day. If you select a Word version then you can adapt it to your specific requirements.

How many items should you put on your to-do list?

People are only capable of focusing on a limited number of things or tasks at once. Most people can only focus on up to about 8 items at once. Some people can focus on less and some on more. You know yourself better than anyone else. If you cannot focus on too many things at once then use a monthly or weekly to-do list instead of a daily one. That way you can spread out your tasks over a one-week or one-month period without feeling overwhelmed each day. When you prepare your daily task sheet template go over each task carefully and ask yourself if it is either necessary or will bring you closer to your goals. If not, don’t put it on your list.

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Make your own checklist template with any one of our 101 background designs, any checklist template and in any planner size.

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