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Responsibility Chart

Free editable responsibility chart templates to help kids keep track of their responsibilities

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What are kids’ responsibilities?

Tasks that kids are expected to do

Kids have responsibilities that they are expected to do at home and at school. For example, kids are expected to brush their teeth, take a shower and get dressed. These are responsibilities that children are expected to do at home. Students also have responsibilities at school. For example, they are expected to do their homework and bring their books to class. These are just some examples of responsibilities that kids are expected to do at home and at school.

Ways that kids are expected to act

Kids are expected to act in a certain way. For example, they are expected not to hit a sibling, friend, or another person.

Things that kids are expected to say

Kids are expected to talk politely and respectfully and to say please and thank you.

How do you teach kids responsibility?

All of these responsibilities are not things that your kids are born with. Your child will not say please and thank you unless you teach him to do it. We need to teach our kids how to be responsible to give them the tools that they will need throughout their lives when they become thoughtful, responsible adults. One of the ways that you can teach your child responsibility is with a responsibility chart that lists the responsibilities that you are expecting from your child.

Children from a young age can learn some responsibility from doing chores.

Benefits of Having Children Do Chores

Chores do a lot of good for children. More good than most parents know. Children that have chores can develop self-esteem. They will get a feeling of accomplishment when they accomplish a task. They may grumble when they have to get started but once it is completed they will feel proud. The child will begin to learn independence because they are doing something on their own. Your child will also learn the importance of completing a task that they have been assigned. This will help them as they get older and have more responsibilities.

Children with chores learn some basic life skills. They will learn the importance of keeping their space organized and clean. Research has shown that people think clearly when they are in areas where there is not a lot of clutter. If the child gets in the habit of being clean and organized at an early age it will help them throughout their life. Children that have chores learn teamwork. They learn to help out and do their part. This will allow them to learn the different roles of a team and how they can contribute to the successful completion of a task.

Responsibility Chart vs Chore Chart

A responsibility chart lists all tasks that you expect your child to do. This can include packing a school bag the evening before school, doing homework, brushing their teeth, making their bed, etc. These are not chores but rather responsibilities that a child is expected to do for himself.

A chore chart lists chores for kids that a child is expected to do for the family or the home. These should be age-appropriate chores. They can include things such as loading a dishwasher, taking care of a pet, cleaning the kitchen table, etc.

A responsibility chart can include personal responsibilities and family chores. It should include all your child’s daily and weekly responsibilities.

Our chore chart template, therefore, includes personal responsibilities and household chores for kids. I like to label them “daily responsibilities” and “weekly chores” but since our chore chart templates are editable you can change the terminology if you prefer.

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Responsibility Chart for Preschoolers

This is a responsibility chart for toddlers and preschoolers with a photo of each task or responsibility.

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Responsibility Chart for Kids

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Responsibility Chart for Teenagers

This weekly planner for teenagers takes into account their daily responsibilities and chores and their homework. It also has a section to plan for the next week and month. The weekly chore chart will help your teenager learn how to plan and stay organized during school and later on in life.

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