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Roommate Chore Chart

How to split chores between room mates to help you live harmoniously with free roommate chore chart templates.

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How to divide chores between roommates

Having a roommate can be both fun and stressful at the same time. The fun part includes movie nights, among other activities. The stressful part mainly arises when the time comes to do house chores. Disagreements are likely to occur if one party is not willing to perform their duty duly. One way to avoid confrontations is to divide chores equally with your roommate and ensure that one person does not get to do more work than others. Below are some ways to divide tasks among roommates.

Make a Roommate Chore Chart

A roommate chore chart template is an excellent way of dividing work among two or more people. You print a free chore chart from the selection below and place it somewhere everyone can see. Once a roommate completes a chore, they indicate it on the chart so that others can know that the work is done. If anyone fails to do a chore, they receive a polite reminder to execute the job. The chores should include: doing the dishes, going shopping, preparing food, washing the floors, washing the bathrooms, doing laundry, cleaning the fridge, cleaning the oven or stove, etc. There is a more detailed chore list for roommates below.

Use a chore wheel

A chore wheel is a fun method of dividing chores between roommates. You spin the wheel in any direction and you are assigned the chore on which you land. It is a way to break the monotony as you can get a new chore each time you spin the wheel.

Choose your favorite chore

Sometimes dividing or alternating duties among roommates may not always work for everyone. If it does not work out for you, you can consider picking your favorite chore and make them your all-time responsibility.

Wall calendar

In some cases, instead of making a chore chart, you can opt to use a wall calendar. It indicates when someone is due to perform their duty. A wall calendar acts as a reminder to everyone on what they need to get done and by when, keeping track of everyone.

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Week Starts on a Sunday (Editable PDF / Word)

Week Starts on a Monday (Editable PDF / Word)

Alternate chores monthly

Another simple way of dividing chores is to alternate who does what each month. For example, in one month, you can be responsible for laundry; next month, you handle trash. By changing chores, you get a break which prevents monotony that can cause duty dissertation.

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Designate specific chores for each roommate

Assigning each roommate a specific area to handle is another way of dividing chores. You can decide to alternate tasks after some time or retain the same duty for the rest of your living time in that location.

Decide on how to buy cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies will be used by everyone for everyone. To ensure that everyone chips in the budget you can add the cleaning supplies list to the chore chart to remember whose turn it is to replenish the cleaning supplies. Alternatively, you can all contribute to the budget for supplies that will be used by everyone.


If you have been having second thoughts about having a roommate because of chores, now you can confidently get one. With these tips, you can now manage to live with a roommate, not just one, but several without any problem. Sharing costs makes life at school easier, but diving chores equally ensures you co-exist peacefully. Create a chores chart or use any other method to make sure everyone participates in your everyday chores for easy and peaceful co-existence.

Chore Chart for Roommates

Weekly Family Chore ChartPin

This weekly chore chart has 5 versions depending on the number of roommates. Each version is available in Microsoft Word, as an image, a typeable PDF file, and an Excel spreadsheet.

Excel Chore Chart

This Excel chart has a tab for each roommate (see instructions below on how to add roommates and change the names). There is a chore list for roommates (that you can edit) that appears for each block of time. Each chore is colored the same color.

This spreadsheet has a tab for each roommate. For each roommate, you see the weekly chore calendar for that person.

Excel chore chartPin

To add an additional chart for another person, right-click on the weekly schedule tab and select copy. Copy as many times as you want. Create one tab per person. To add each person’s name, right-click on each tab and select “rename”. Type each person’s name on each tab. To delete a person, right-click on a tab and select delete.

Chore Chart ExcelPin

This spreadsheet has a chore list in the left column and you select which person is responsible for each chore and on what day it should be done. You can edit the list of names that is shown as a dropdown.

How to Make a Chore Chart for Roommates

  1. Add all roommates to the chart.
  2. Add the list of chores that need to be done. You might have to discuss this to come to an agreement.
  3. Decide on the chore schedule and mark it on the chart. It is a good idea to decide on a deadline for each chore otherwise the person who needs to clean the floor once a week might land up doing it once a month.
  4. Use the chore tracker to ensure that all roommates do their chores each day or week.

How to decide on the chore list for roommates

The chore list must take into account both the chores that each person needs to do for himself and those that are for everyone. For example, each person might clean up after himself after using the kitchen but one person will be in charge of cleaning the kitchen once a week. This will not include cleaning up after each person since everyone should do that in addition to communal chores.

Laundry can be something someone does for everyone or each person can do their own laundry.

Roommate Chore Chart

One of the reasons that roommates tend to argue is the division of the chores. This chart will help divide the tasks up and ensure that everyone does their part.

Roommate Chore ChartPin

Week Starts on a Sunday (Editable PDF / Word / Image)

Week Starts on a Monday (Editable PDF / Word / Image)

Roommate Cleaning Schedule

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