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School Calendar Template

Free printable school calendar template to keep you organized this school year.

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Free printable school calendar template that is available in 3 different formats: Microsoft Excel, Word, and PNG. You can also open these files in Google Docs and Google Sheets. There are different formats available: a blank school calendar and some versions that have a section to add school holidays, the school name and logo and/or notes. You can add the school name instead of the current title.

You can use the school calendars for schools or home schools. If you want to add text to some of the days, then the monthly version might be better for you since there is more space to add comments. If you use the yearly version, you can mark the days with a color and then add a color key. You can then mark cells in different colors for different types of events.

2022 and 2023 School Calendar Template

Monthly School Calendar

This printable calendar has 11 pages and a cover page. It starts from August 2022 and ends in June 2023. There is one month per page. If you want to include more months in your monthly calendar then go to blank calendars and add additional months.

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Word | Editable PDF

Yearly School Calendar

This is an academic year calendar template with 12 months on one page. It starts in July 2022 and ends in June 2023.

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How to Edit the Calendars

How to Add your School’s Name

You can add your school’s name to the Word versions.

How to Mark Vacation Days

Each day is in a separate cell and you can change the background color for each day. Click next to the day that you want to mark.

In Powerpoint go to Design -> Shading -> then choose your color.

In Word go to Home -> Click on the Bucket -> then choose your color.

You can add a logo to the Word versions.

In Microsoft Word go to Insert -> Pictures -> this device -> then choose your logo.

How to Save as a PDF

If you customize the Word version by adding your school name, logo and comments, then save it as a PDF before you share and distribute it. To do this, simply go to File -> Save as -> Select PDF.

Can Schools Use these Calendars?

Yes. However, if you place the calendar on your school’s website please link to 101planners as the source.

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