Two Weeks’ Notice Letter

If you’re ready to resign from your job, it’s courteous to write a two weeks’ notice letter to your employer.

No matter the reason for your departure, two weeks’ notice gives an employer ample time to formulate plans to cover your absence. For instance, an employer may need time to reassign your duties to other employees or hire someone new to fill the position.

That said, here is a detailed guide on how to write a good two weeks’ notice letter.

How to Write Two Weeks’ Notice Letter

Express your intentions clearly

Resignations are normal in the corporate environment. Your bosses have probably seen many employees come and go and won’t be shocked when you leave too. So, when writing your two weeks notice letter, don’t beat around the bush. State that you’re resigning from your position and include your final day at the company. Don’t give any indications that you can stay longer should your employer ask you to. If you’ve made the decision, stick to it.

Keep it short and simple

The two weeks notice letter is an official one and thus should be simple and concise. You don’t necessarily need to include your reasons for leaving, how you feel about it, and the next steps in your career. If you feel the urge to share your reasons with your employer, you can organize a meeting and tell them in person.

Maintain professionalism

During your tenure, you might have had a cordial relationship with your boss. However, that doesn’t extend to professional matters. You have to keep your two weeks’ notice letter formal and use respectful language from the beginning to the end. Don’t add funny anecdotes or anything that’ll make the letter appear casual.

Be positive

Even if you feel you weren’t appreciated or you’re not in good terms with your boss or coworker, don’t share any negative feelings. Regardless of what you went through, your letter isn’t the correct platform to express your grievances. Reflect on the best moments you had and leave the company on a good footing. You don’t know if you may be required to work together again someday.

Two Weeks Notice Template

A two weeks notice letter follows the business letter format. When writing your letter, use the format below.

[Your Full Name]
[Your Street Address]
[Your City, State, Zip Code]
[Your Phone Number]
[Your Email Address][Date][Employer’s Name]
[Employer’s Title]
[Company Name]
[Street Address]
[City, State, Zip Code]Dear (Title) [Employer’s Last Name]Opening paragraph: State clearly that you’re writing to give a two weeks notice. Also, indicate the role you’re resigning from at the organization and the last day you’ll be at work.

Middle paragraph: This is where you express your gratitude for serving the company. Thank your boss for employing you and the experience you got and the skills you learned while working there.

Last paragraph: Mention you’ll stay committed to the company and execute your responsibilities to your level best until the day you leave officially. State you’re offering to help the organization in ways that will facilitate a smooth transition to your successor. If you wish, you can add your next steps here.


[Your Signature]

[Your Full Name]

Word Document

Two week Notice Example

Declan Jones
518 Uptown Street
Houston, TX 14049
declanjones@gmail.comMarch 17, 2021Natalie Chetri
Managing Editor
Hot News
Kingston Ave
Dallas, TX 84310

Dear Ms. Chetri,

This letter serves to inform you of my resignation from Hot News as a Copy Editor. My last day here will be March 31, 2021, exactly two weeks from today.

For the past five years, I have had the best experience working under your direct supervision. I have learned valuable lessons from you and my coworkers, which have enabled me to grow immensely career-wise. I will forever be grateful for that.

For the rest of my time here, I will work to complete all the pending feature stories and assist my colleagues in doing their work in the best way possible. I will also organize a meeting with the writers and show them what to do to get the work done until you find a replacement.

I am sorry for the inconveniences and difficulties my resignation may cause. If there’s anything else I can do to make the transition easier, kindly let me know.

Thank you once more. I wish you and everyone else at Hot News the best as you continue your work.


Declan Jones

Word Document

Simple Two Week Notice Letter Example

Magdalene Rowland
524 Peacock Drive
Miami, FL 21405
415-048-9430madgalenerowland31@gmail.comSeptember 10, 2021Jamie McPherson
Managing Director
Delta Inc.
614 Hamilton Street
Miami, FL 21410

Dear Dr. McPherson,

I was offered a supervisory role at another company, which I have since accepted. I am writing this letter as notice that I will be resigning from Delta Inc. as an IT Officer. My last day at work will be September 24, 2021.

Your help and guidance over the last seven years made me enjoy working at this company. I can’t thank you enough. 

I would like to know how I can help during the transition period.


Magdalene Rowland

Word Document

Resignation Letter Email

Subject: Resignation- Tony AndersonDear Ms. Watkins,Kindly accept this as my official resignation notice from my Data Entry position at Coptic Agency. My last day here will be July 15, 2021.I truly appreciate the guidance and support you gave me over the past two years. It has been my greatest pleasure working with a talented team at Coptic Agency. I am leaving with tons of skills and knowledge, which will set a good foundation for the next chapter of my life.

For the two remaining weeks, I will work extra hard to complete all the pending projects and tasks. I am willing to give any other kind of assistance to smoothen the transition process. Kindly inform me what I need to do.

I would also like to hear from you what to expect concerning my employee benefits, accrued vacation leave, and final work schedule. You can contact me at 851-564-5404 or personal email at

All the best in everything you and keep the same spirit.

Best wishes,

Tony Anderson

Simple Email Resignation Letter

Subject: Resignation- Dina WalshDear Mr. Einstein,This message serves as my official resignation notice from Alpha Group as a Monitoring Evaluation Director. I will leave the company on April 30, 2021, two weeks from now.

Many thanks for the lessons, encouragement, and support you gave me for the ten years I spent here. I enjoyed working for you and collaborating with the rest of the team to realize the company’s objectives.

I’m offering to help transfer my roles to my successor or the most suitable employee until you hire another director. I wish this company greater success in the coming days.

Best regards,
Diana Walsh


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