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Vision Board

Creating a vision board doesn’t have to be difficult with our free vision board app, printables, and worksheets that will take you through each step of the process.

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What is a vision board?

A vision board, also known as a dream board, is a collection of images or photos that represent a goal or serve as a visual source of inspiration and motivation for your life’s direction. It is a visual representation of what matters to you and what you want in your life. There are different kinds of vision boards for various purposes:

  • A dream board to plan your dream life
  • A manifestation board to manifest your ideal life (See manifestation board)
  • A goal board to set and visualize your goals
  • A life vision board shows desires that you have for your life that you would like to experience for fulfillment
  • A motivation board helps motivate you to reach your goals

For vision board inspiration see examples of each of these boards below.

The idea behind a vision board is that every time you look at it, you are focusing both your conscious and subconscious mind on the things you desire and on how you want your life to look. This focus increases your chances of this dream life materializing. Have you ever bought something or considered buying something and then suddenly noticed how many people have that same item? These people were there before and you didn’t notice them. However, as soon as you started focusing on this item, you suddenly became aware of it. This is how a vision board works. You will suddenly be more aware of opportunities and potential paths to your goals that you never noticed before.

In the book, The 5 Second Rule (2017), the author Mel Robbins discusses research done by Dr. Pychyl on our “present self” versus our “future self.” Our “future self” is the person that we want to become. This research proves that when you can picture the “Future You,” it gives you the objectivity to push yourself in the present moment. When researchers showed people their own pictures digitally aged, they were more likely to save for retirement. Mel Robbins explains that this is an explanation for why vision boards work. They help you envision the Future You and that is a great coping mechanism for the stress you experience today as the Present You.

How to use a vision board

Do vision boards work? Absolutely, however, you cannot just create a vision board and expect your dreams to come true. A dream board helps you plan your perfect life and set your goals but you then have to do the work to reach your goals. However, when you decide where you want to go, via a goal board, you have taken the first step to reaching your goals. You cannot reach your goals if you have not defined them but defining them is not enough to reach them. So, creating a vision board is the first step of the process but there is more work involved.

How to make a vision board?

Now that we know what a vision board is, let’s start making one. Planning and making a vision board can be simplified with our free vision board checklist. We also offer a step-by-step workbook to take you through each stage and show you how to create a vision board to serve your specific needs.

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The Steps to Create a Vision Board

Set your goals

Before you start creating a goal-setting vision board, you have to determine what your goals and aspirations are. Make sure you have some quiet time alone for self-reflection. You might want to meditate before you start or take some deep breaths. Now ask yourself: What do you want to achieve? What kind of life do you want to live? Who do you want to be? What kind of qualities do you want to have, which profession, and what career? How would you like people to see you or describe you? Where do you want to be in life? Where do you want to be in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years? How do you want to spend your free time? What will make you feel fulfilled? What experiences do you want to have?

The following workbook will help you answer these questions.

Typeable PDF

It is important to consider what you want and not what others want for you. To create a balanced dream life, try to select a goal from different areas in life such as health and wellness, fitness, love, family, career, home, travel, finances, personal growth, etc. You can also use our goal planner to set your goals and create action items for each goal. Make sure that each goal is SMART. Once you have defined your goals, a goal-setting vision board is a great way to visualize them.

Decide if you are going to make a physical or digital vision board

There are advantages and disadvantages to both physical and digital vision boards.

  • Physical vision board – Since it takes more effort to create a physical vision board, you will probably have a deeper connection to it and it will stir up more feelings and emotions. On the other hand, it is more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to create this board. They are also more difficult to transport although you can take a photo of them and store it on your phone. We do offer a free vision board kit which will save you time and money and enable you to create a beautiful board with minimum effort.
  • Digital vision board – A digital or virtual vision board is easier to create. We also provide a free vision board app that will help you create your dream board. If you store your dream board on your phone, then you can access it from anywhere which is great.

Create a sketch or draft

Before you start making your board you need to plan it. Decide which categories you will include, what your vision is for each category, and what you would like to include. Now is also a good time to write your personal vision statement if you haven’t already done this.

Our vision board app will help you prepare the layout. The template has 6 sections but you can add or delete sections. You can edit the text to choose different areas to focus on.

Open the vision board app

Select a vision board template

See an explanation on creating a vision board with our free online vision board maker below. If you are creating a virtual vision board then you will select a template by clicking on the button below. If you are making a physical board then you will get your base ready.

Digital Version

Gather pictures

Gather a picture that symbolizes each of your goals and triggers the emotions that symbolize your goals and dream life. Use images that portray positivity and abundance and activate your energy. You can either use your own photos or find images using our app which offers access to millions of free images.

Add words, quotes, and affirmations that trigger emotions

These could be affirmation cards, affirmation quotes, gratitude affirmations, stickers, inspiring words, etc. Our free vision board app will let you create quotes and affirmations. You can change the colors of the printables if you prefer a different color scheme.

Digital Version

Keep your vision board organized

Your board should either be organized into topics or categories or focus on one topic in-depth and more extensively.

Look at it Regularly

Hang it somewhere you will see it as often as possible. You need to see it daily to motivate you to reach your goals. You can keep a copy next to your bed to let your subconscious process your goals while you sleep. Our subconscious mind is most impressionable just before we fall asleep. It will also be the first thing you see in the morning which will get you motivated for the day ahead.

Create a work plan and take action

Once you have a plan you need to take action. Use our free goal planner to create SMART goals.

Keep your vision board updated

Your goals change all the time. Sometimes you reach them and want to set more challenging goals. Other times, your aspirations change and you decide to update your goals. Keep your dream board current by reevaluating your vision and goals periodically.

How to make a vision board for manifestation

You can use your vision board to manifest your dream life. See manifestation board for more details.

Create a Vision Board Online

How to use the online vision board app

Creating a digital vision board could not be easier with our free online software. See the video above that will take you through each stage.

  1. Open our free vision board creator.
  2. Select a DIY vision board template. There are a number of templates available. Choose the one that works best with the number of categories you have or however you want to present your vision.
  3. Add vision board images. You can either use your own photos or you can use images from the gallery. To use your own photo, click on the camera icon and then upload your image. To add an image from the gallery, click on the camera icon and then on the gallery icon. Use the search function to find the image that you are looking for. If you are not sure what to put on your dream board, then look for images or photos that trigger the emotions you are looking to feel. For example, if you want a successful business, then find images that portray success in your opinion. If you want to manifest a relationship or love then look for images that trigger love.
  4. Add quotes and/or affirmations. To add quotes, click on the quotes folder and choose the quotes you want to include. You can drag them or change their color or size. See affirmation cards.
  5. Either replace the dummy text with your quotes and/or affirmations. You can also add new text by clicking on “add text”. Drag the text to wherever you want it to be and change the font, size, and color. You can also add words that motivate such as success, love, happiness, etc.
  6. Download your vision board template.

You can either use the file to store it digitally on your phone or PC or you can create a wallpaper or screen saver. You can also print it to create a physical vision board. Some people like to print a copy for their planners.

Create a Physical Vision Board

See the video above that will take you through each stage.

To create a physical vision board, you will need the following vision board supplies:

Vision Board Supplies

  • A board for your base (use either a notice board, cork, wire board, magnetic whiteboard, or cardstock).
  • Photos or images from magazines on the internet (either use photos or print images as long as they resonate with you and your goals)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Clips, tape, or pushpins
  • Markers
  • Washi tape
  • Stickers to add color and embellish

You can also use our vision board template and adhere photos instead of creating a digital version. To add color use markers or stickers and embellishments.

Vision Board Template

These are vision board examples that you can make with our free vision board app. You can choose any template online

If you want to make a separate personal vision board and a work vision board then you might want to choose two different templates or use the same template twice.

Vision Board Kit

Our free vision board kit includes everything you need to create your board except the base and the pins. It includes the following vision board printables. They are all free!

All you need to add is a base (use either a notice board, cork, wire mesh board, magnetic whiteboard, or cardstock), scissors, and pins.

Why not have a vision board party? Ask each person to bring a base and print a kit for each participant or send them a link and ask them to print it before they come to the party. That way, they can personalize the quotes and add their own photos to the templates. Make your boards together and have fun in the process!

Should your vision board be private or public?

Some people like to share their dream board so that others can give them ideas on how to reach their goals or hold them accountable. Others prefer not to share, since their dreams are personal and they don’t want anyone putting doubt in their mind. It is your decision whether or not you decide to share your board.

Vision Board Quotes

You can add quotes to your board to inspire and motivate you. Click on the button below and then click on “quotes” to add quotes or affirmations to your template.


“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” Theodore Roosevelt

“Vision is the art of seeing something, even if that something is invisible to others”

“Pain pushes you until a vision pulls you” Dr. Rev. Michael Beckwith

“At any given moment you have the power to say: this is not how my story will end.” Christine Mason Miller

Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny.Stuart Scott

“When you have a dream, you’ve got to grab it and never let go.” Carol Burnett

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small.” Richard Branson

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.” Oprah Winfrey

“Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value to other people”

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchhill

“To have no vision of your own means living the vision of someone else” Laurie Beth Jones

Affirmation Quotes

Affirmation quotes will help you change your thoughts about yourself and improve your self-image and self-confidence.

Manifestation Quotes

See Manifestation Quotes

Goal Quotes

See Goal Quotes

You can also use our free vision board kit which will save you time and energy. If you have all the supplies you might prefer to create a dream board yourself. However, if you need to purchase most of the supplies anyway then you might find it easier to purchase a vision board kit.

Vision Board Examples

There are many variations of the vision board concept and you can use the board for any purpose. Here are some examples:

Dream Board

A dream board and a vision board are pretty much the same things. You can create a dream board online with our free vision board kit. Follow the instructions above to create your dream board. Since the text is editable, when you select a dream board template you can edit it to read “Dream Board” instead of “Vision Board” if you prefer.

Goal Board

A goal-setting vision board is one of the most effective ways to set and visualize your goals. The process of creating a goal board will help you better understand which goals you want to set for yourself which is half the battle. Only once you know where you want to go can you start getting there. The goals must resonate and they must be your goals. You want to reach the goals that are important to you, not to anyone else.

Many people use a goal board to visualize their goals after they set them.

What is the difference between a goal board and a vision board?

A goal board is a visual representation of your goals on a board. It reminds you exactly where you are going. When you set goals, they should be SMART goals, i.e. specific and detailed goals that you have set for yourself.

A vision board is less specific and detailed. It is more about the emotions that your desires trigger. You can add specific goals as well but the focus is more on how you visualize your dream life instead of a list of specific goals.

For example, a goal is to pay off a $100,000 mortgage. Whereas, a vision is to be debt-free.

A vision board focuses on why you want to reach your goals and how you will feel when you reach them. You can, however, create any board you want. If your dream board includes both your vision and your specific goals then that is great. Do whatever works for you!

Motivation Vision Board

Motivation Board

A motivation vision board can help motivate you to reach specific goals by focusing on your motivation and the reason behind your desire to reach a specific goal.

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Make these free fitness motivational spreads your own by editing the text and changing the doodles. Every single element on the page is editable, so create a spread that works for you! Finding motivation is something I struggle with. When I am not sure how to find the motivation to work out, I open my planner and read this page. I also keep a copy in my bedroom and in the area where I work out at home.

You can also use the templates above to create a weight loss vision board or a fitness vision board.

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