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Waist Beads

How to use waist beads to lose weight and keep it off

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After months and months of eating well and exercising regularly, I suddenly found myself off track and I couldn’t get back on track. I started gaining weight really quickly, and I needed to try something new to motivate myself again. I started each day motivated but somehow during the day, I found myself eating junk again and postponing my workouts.

I did a search online for weight loss products and came across waist beads for weight loss. The concept sounded fascinating. I started reading about them and eventually bought them online. I have this annoying quality that when I want to know about something, I over-research it until I have learned anything I can about the subject. Of course, waist beads were no exception. By the time they arrived, I was a “waist chain expert” and convinced that they would help me and they actually did!

Firstly, when I put them on, I told myself that for me, they would symbolize healthy eating habits and self-love. Whenever I felt them on my body, I was reminded of these two things. Also, if I ever overate, they felt tight on my stomach and I stopped eating. After a few weeks, I lost more weight than I expected. I lost all the weight I had gained and then some. It was a great purchase, so I just had to share!

What are waist beads?

Waist beads are strings of beads that are worn around the waist or hips. They come in single strands or multiple strands that are worn together. They come in different colors and may also include decorative stones, crystals, or charms.

What are waist beads used for?

Waist beads have African origins and are particularly popular in West Africa. The Krobo cultures in Ghana have rituals where the waist beads are used to recognize young women who are initiated into adulthood. In West Africa, when a woman reaches puberty, she is given waist beads that have larger beads or little bells on them to signal to potential partners when a woman is fertile. African waist beads often have glass beads or charms with symbols of the “evil eye” for spiritual protection and luck. In some African cultures, they are used as a status symbol.

The best place to buy African waist beads is from an African market if you have one near you since they can measure your stomach. If you don’t have one nearby, then you can order online and measure your waistline before you order (see how to measure below).

What are waist beads for weight loss?

There are many kinds of belly beads available but not all of them are recommended for weight loss. The best kinds for weight loss are those that are adjustable and do not stretch.

They need to be adjustable so that you can make them smaller when you lose weight. They cannot stretch so that they become tight when you overeat and so that they accurately gauge your size. If they stretch, then you won’t really know if you gain or lose weight. Choose one made with string or beading wire and not with elastic.

If you believe in the healing powers of crystals, then you can choose a brand that includes crystals that promote weight loss such as royal blue crystal or sodalite.

To create plus-size weight beads you can add extensions that can be removed after weight loss.

How do waist beads work? Weight loss beads are used for body awareness and self-love. They can promote weight loss but they are not magic. If you don’t make changes to your eating habits then they will not cause any weight loss. When you put them on, make a decision that they will symbolize your commitment to losing weight. Let them be a daily reminder of the food choices you want to make.

Benefits of Waist Beads

Gauge weight loss

Often we gauge our weight loss by the number on the scale and that is very inaccurate. Stomach waist beads are a great way to track our weight loss. When choosing waist beads for weight loss, it is important to choose ones that don’t stretch. Don’t get the kinds that have an elastic string as they will not help you lose weight. If you get waist beads that don’t stretch, you can see exactly where they sit on your stomach. When you lose weight, they fall down and when you gain weight, they become tight or sit higher.


I often disconnect food with weight gain. I am not mindful when I eat and don’t associate fattening food or overeating with weight gain. I know that I will gain weight when I eat fattening food but I just don’t think about it. When I wore the waist beads, I felt them on my stomach when I overate. They suddenly became tight and uncomfortable. This feeling of discomfort made me more aware that I had overeaten, and I stopped.

Avoid foods that make you bloat

Most of us have some foods that make us more bloated. Sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint which foods cause this. If you keep a food log you can mark when your waist beads feel tight and then check what you ate that day. This will help you detect which foods cause you to bloat.


When I feel self-love, I feel more positive about my body and I am less inclined to overeat or feed my body with junk food. When I love my body I tend to treat it better and I feed it with healthy food that will fuel my body. I loved the way the waist beads looked on my tummy. It made me feel sexy, and positive and helped me with my self-confidence which always takes a blow when I gain weight. Since I could feel them on me, I didn’t forget about this positive feeling. My mindless eating seemed to disappear soon after I started to wear them.

Strengthen your core muscles

Use the waist beads as a reminder to engage your stomach muscles and you will find your core muscles will strengthen over time.


In some cultures, waist beads are associated with fertility and are used when a woman is trying to conceive. In some cultures in Ghana, fertile women wear waist beads to signal to potential partners that they are fertile (source).

How to choose waist beads for weight loss

Before you start looking to purchase waist beads for weight loss, you should measure your stomach to know what size you need. If you don’t have a tape measure at home, then you can wrap a cord around your stomach, mark where the two ends meet and then measure the cord. Don’t use string or wool if they stretch. I like to use the chord from my charger since it is long enough and doesn’t stretch at all.

It is important to decide exactly where you are going to wear the beads before you measure your tummy. The measurements of your hips, belly button, or waist will be totally different.

Check out the selection of waist beads online. I bought mine on Amazon and I am happy with them.

If you are purchasing waist beads for weight loss then get a strand that is adjustable. You will want to make them smaller when you lose weight.

Choose the design that you like best. Some designers incorporate crystals into their designs to get the added benefits of crystals as well. Some use chakra healing or intention setting.

You can choose how many strands of beads you will wear. This is really personal.

How to use waist beads for weight loss

When you put your waist beads on your stomach for the first time, set an intention and tell yourself that they will serve as an ongoing reminder to be more aware of what you eat and to love yourself, your stomach, and your body.

Crystal Waist Beads

How to use waist beads for manifestation

Waistline beads are often used to promote abundance.

If you are trying to manifest weight loss, money, love, etc, you can incorporate weight beads into the process. See how to manifest.

Wear the waist beads while you are trying to manifest something to remind yourself to visualize getting whatever you want to manifest.

Waist Beads with Crystals

If you use waist beads with a crystal stone then you will reap the benefits of crystals as well. Which crystals should you choose?

  • If you are trying to manifest love, then choose rose quartz crystals.
  • If you are trying to manifest money, then choose rose green aventurine crystals.
  • If you are trying to manifest weight loss, then choose royal blue crystal to boost your metabolism and encourage you to make healthy food choices or sodalite to fight cravings.
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