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Weight Loss Rewards

101 weight loss rewards that will motivate you to finally reach your weight loss goals

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Reward yourself for reaching each weight loss milestone with any of the following weight loss rewards for extra motivation. Set small goals that you can reach relatively quickly to keep yourself motivated.

When you are trying to lose weight, it is very motivating to reward yourself for weight loss or progress. Set yourself milestones to reach during your weight loss journey and reward yourself for reaching each milestone. A good reward for weight loss should not be food. It is important to change the mindset that food is associated with rewarding yourself. Also, you don’t want to gain back the weight you lost.

Weight loss is not always something you can control, so I prefer to reward myself for things that I have control over. For example, if I go without sugar for 21 days, then I will treat myself to a massage. If I work out each day for 7 days then I get a new workout outfit. These are the nonfood weight loss rewards that I chose for myself, but you need to choose ones that will motivate you.

Use the following printable to set your weight loss goals and the reward you will give yourself for reaching each milestone. There is space for 10 milestones, so divide your weight loss goal by 10 to calculate each milestone. Set a reward for reaching each milestone.


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Use this printable to set weight loss goal rewards for the next few weeks or months to keep you motivated.

Weight Loss Reward Ideas

Here are 101 weight loss reward ideas.

Any Big Reward (such as a vacation)

If you want to save for a big reward such as a vacation, you can reward yourself with a specific amount of money for every pound you lose. How much should you give yourself? Check to see how much your big reward will cost and divide it by the number of pounds you want to lose. Each time you lose a pound, you put that amount in a savings account or a piggy bank until you reach your goal weight. When you reach your goal weight, you will have enough to buy whatever you planned to reward yourself with.

Relax and Splurge

  1. A spa day (try a home spa day if you can’t afford to go to a spa)
  2. A massage
  3. A self-massaging gadget
  4. A manicure
  5. A pedicure
  6. A facial
  7. A yoga class
  8. A yoga retreat
  9. Get some really comfy socks
  10. Get a teeth whitening kit
  11. Weekend getaway
  12. New nail polish
  13. Essential oils
  14. Makeup
  15. Hair mask
  16. A soft cozy throw
  17. Perfume
  18. Sleep in one morning
  19. Take a nap during the day
  20. Get a haircut
  21. Have your hair colored
  22. Get a makeover
  23. Aromatherapy candle
  24. Get a meditation app or create a guided meditation playlist on YouTube


Make your Life Easier

  1. Get someone to come in and clean your home
  2. Get someone to come in and take care of your garden
  3. Get someone to mow, pull weeds, or shovel snow
  4. Order ready-cut vegetables
  5. Order ready-made real food
  6. Have your groceries delivered
  7. Sign up for regular meal service with nutritious food
  8. If you have small kids, get a babysitter and have some me-time


Kitchen Gadgets

  1. Air fryer
  2. Instant pot
  3. Oil sprayer (to reduce oil when cooking)
  4. Food scale
  5. Cookbook
  6. Get a good blender to make smoothies
  7. A good kitchen knife


Workout Related Ideas

  1. Workout clothes or one new workout outfit
  2. A watch or fitness tracker
  3. Download motivating music for your next workout
  4. Create a playlist
  5. A gym membership
  6. Running shoes
  7. A new water bottle
  8. Order sessions with a personal trainer
  9. Try a new sport
  10. Take lessons to learn a new sport
  11. Indoor sports equipment – cardio (such as a spinning bike) or weights (such as dumbbells)
  12. Headphones
  13. Standing desk
  14. Treadmill desk
  15. Yoga mat
  16. Get a fitness app such as Noom


Pretty Things

  1. A bouquet of flowers
  2. An indoor or outdoor plant
  3. Make an indoor edible garden (grow herbs and green leaves to make your salads and meals more interesting)
  4. Photo session (get family photos taken)


Clothes and Accessories

  1. A new bag
  2. New shoes
  3. A belt
  4. A necklace
  5. Earrings
  6. A bracelet
  7. Sexy underwear
  8. New pajamas


Fun Things

  1. Go to a movie
  2. Take a cooking class to learn how to make new nutritious recipes
  3. Go to a concert
  4. Go to an escape room
  5. Go skydiving
  6. Take lessons for a craft you enjoy
  7. Plan a vacation
  8. An audiobook
  9. Get a lottery ticket
  10. Go bowling
  11. Go on a date with a friend or partner


Free Rewards

Treats don’t have to cost money if you are on a budget. All of the following rewards are free!

  1. A bubble bath
  2. Give yourself a manicure
  3. Give yourself a pedicure
  4. Allow yourself to spend the day watching TV or having a Netflix binge
  5. Take a day off work and have fun
  6. Take me time
  7. Go to the beach if you can (try to catch a sunset or sunrise there for a real spoil)
  8. Go to the mountains
  9. Meditate
  10. At-home movie night
  11. Take a free dance class on YouTube and follow along
  12. Download any of our free journal templates and start journaling
  13. Take a free cooking class on YouTube and follow along
  14. Go on a long bike ride
  15. Go for a picnic (don’t eat food you wouldn’t have eaten anyway. Pack up your next meal and eat it in nature)
  16. Download a free weight loss journal
  17. Download a free gratitude journal
  18. Download our free self-care journal
  19. Draw or color (see online adult coloring pages that are very relaxing)
  20. Get a book from your local library
  21. Host a game night for friends
  22. Foot soak (use warm water, bubble bath, and essential oils)
  23. Do a brain dump (you will feel so much more relaxed afterward)


If you have another non-food reward for weight loss that you would like us to add to the list, then please leave a comment below.

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