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Flower Backgrounds

The floral background images on this site are available in three different formats.


  pretty flower backgrounds



Edit, Download & Print Border

We offer a large selection of free flower background images that you can customize before you download or print. You can add text and/or images. There is no registration required to download our free backgrounds. Open the background maker, select the design and then edit it or print a blank background.

Floral Background
Pretty background
Printable background
Pink Flower Background

Watercolor Flower Background

Free custom floral backgrounds that can be customized and then printed A selection of free printable floral backgrounds A selection of free printable flower backgrounds

Flower Background Clip Art

Select a flower background and add your text or image and then print

Edit, Download & Print Border

How to Add Photos of Flowers

You can add a flower background HD to your canvas.

  1. Most of the backgrounds above are watercolor or clipart but you can also add photos of flowers to your backgrounds.
  2. Click on add photo and then type flowers in the gallery search box. There are millions of free flower background images available.
  3. Watch the video to see how you can add text to the photos. If you want to add text, then the best flower background will be one with a blank section on which you can add your text. Avoid the flower background pictures with no space for text. Change the color of the text to a contrasting color so that you will be able to see it.
Flower photos
Photo of a flower


How to Download a Floral Background

  1. Open the background maker by clicking on the button above or on any of the images.
  2. Click on the download button (the small cloud icon).
  3. Download as an image file (png or jpg) or as a PDF file. Please note that a few of the designs can only be downloaded as PDF documents and not as image files.

How to Print

  1. To print first download the background to your PC as per the instructions above.
  2. Once you have downloaded the file open it and print it.
  3. You can also print directly, but you will need to set the printer settings to ensure that it prints on one page.


The files on this page are high res images suitable for printing. If you are looking for a flower background for iPhone or other mobile phone or device, then please check out our wallpaper maker.

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