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Printable Paper

We offer a wide selection of free printable paper that you can download or print in any color, format, size, or style. Instant download with no need to register. Our free paper can also be used to create digital notebooks (see digital planner for more details).

Printable Lined Paper

We offer a selection of Lined Paper for various purposes such as printable stationery or lined writing paper.

happy planner lined paper

Printable Paper for Planners

add borders

Add a Border and Change Colors

lined paper

Printable Lined Paper

Free personalized stationery paper

Create Personalized Lined Stationery

Printable Graph Paper

There are 18 different types of free printable graph paper. Each free graph paper template is available in two formats:

  • A full-page printable graph paper page (prints on standard paper 8.5″x11″)
  • A printable notebook available in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and PDF (prints on standard paper 8.5″x11″)

You can change the color of the grid on the single pages but not on the notebooks.

Printable Dotted Paper

Our free printable dotted paper or dot grid paper template can be printed in any color and any size! Dotted paper helps you draw straight lines, write in a straight line, or divide your page into sections.

Journal Template

We offer free printable journal pages. You can either print blank pages or a complete ready-made printable or digital journal template.

Sticker Paper

Everything you ever wanted to know about sticker paper. Which is the best sticker paper? How to choose sticker paper? How to print on it and how to cut it.

Newspaper Template

Use our free newspaper generator to make a newspaper template for any purpose.

Notebook Cover

If you are using our templates to create printable notebook paper then you will want to print a notebook cover. You can use any paper template for the actual notebook or combine different styles if you want your notebook to have grid paper, lined paper, and dotted paper.

Memo Template

We offer a free memo template to create personalized memo sheets.

The different memo templates that you can make on this site

Printable Memo Template

101 Different Backgrounds

Fax Template

Create a free personalized fax cover sheet to use when you send faxes.

fax cover sheet

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