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Love Wallpaper

To create heart wallpaper select a template from the selection below. You can also add any of the thousands of images available in the gallery. To add a quote or text just click on “add text”.

hearts wallpaper
hearts wallpaper
hearts on wallpaper
green background with two hearts
blue stripes with one big single heart in the middle
heart wallpaper hd
broken heart wallpaper
hearts wallpaper
hearts wallpaper with teal background and many hearts
heart border wallpaper
striped wallpaper with two hearts
red and gold
pretty wallpaper with two shiny gold hearts
cute wallpaper
pretty design
Love Wallpaper with black watercolor stripes with a gold glitter heart

How to make love wallpaper

  1. Click on any of the heart wallpaper designs available above. If you don’t like any of the ready-made designs, then use our free online wallpaper maker, and click on “add photo” to browse through the gallery of available images. There are thousands of images available there. To use the wallpaper generator, you need to first decide if you want landscape orientation (i.e. desktop wallpaper) or portrait orientation (i.e. for a mobile phone or tablet).
  2. Search for the image that you would like to use. For example, if you want to create broken heart wallpaper, type “broken heart” in the search box. You will then see a selection of free wallpapers with broken hearts that you can use. Select the image that you like best.
  3. Drag it to the right so that it covers the background.
  4. Double click on the text to add a quote. Type your quote.
  5. Use the fonts to change the font.
  6. Change the font color.
  7. To create love wallpaper, add a love quote. Either use your own quote or a quote from one of the sample wallpapers.

What can you use the heart wallpaper for?

  • Heart screensavers
  • Laptop or desktop wallpaper (select the landscape orientation)
  • Tablet or mobile phone wallpaper or screen saver (select portrait orientation)
  • February wallpaper (the most romantic month of the year. For those who like to change each month)
  • Love quotes
  • Motivational quotes related to love
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